Glitter nail polish and nail art designs


Glitter nail polish

My current star product is glitter nail polish. It’s basically clear or coloured nail polish with specks of glitter in it.

deborah lippmann glitter nail polish

Clear glitter nail polish, in particular, is the best cheat for a quick glam nail design. It’s versatile enough to used as a base, or as a top coat to add that sparkle to your nail colour.

The best thing about this new trend is that nail polish brands are coming up with lots of different types of glitter polishes. You can choose from a whole bunch of colours (silver, gold, multi, etc), shapes (hearts, stars, confetti…) and sizes (microscopic to ostentatious). The possibilities are endless!

If you want to customise the colours and shapes, you can even buy your own glitter in a craft store and mix it in with your nail polishes.

loose glitter nail polish

You can get loose glitter at almost any craft store

Here are some of my favourite glitter nail polish designs from the web:



Green and magenta glitter nails

blue matte with glitter tips nails

black and gold glitter nails azrouel

purple glitter jelly nails

marbled glitter nail polish

glitter christmas tree nails

 Glitter and metallic nail polish go great together.

purple glitter nail polish

Try glitter nail polish layered over matte nails.

glitter tips nail art

To achieve this full-on, chunky glittery look, wet your tips with clear nail polish and dip them into loose glitter.

glitter nail polish

black-glitter tips nail art

Glam up your gradient nails with a coat of glitter.

nude pastel opi ballet glitter nail art

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What are your favourite glitter nail polish colours?

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