Goddess braids hairstyles

Goddess Braids StyleA Goddess Braids Hairstyle – Hair Braiding

When it comes to choosing a hair weave that can add length to your hair, consider using goddess braids to create the look and length you desire.  Goddess braids are a great option in which long hair extensions are applied to the hair and then braided into a warrior/goddess braid.

Goddess braids are a take off of traditional cornrow braids.  They are basically oversized cornrows.  To create a goddess braid hairstyle it is best to use synthetic hair instead of real hair as the goddess braid takes a significant amount of hair and would be cost prohibitive using real hair.  To achieve the goddess braid, have your hairstylist begin by dividing your hair into sections and then take the first section and start to braid over handed.  Your stylist will add new pieces of synthetic hair every so often to create the desired volume in the cornrow.  Goddess braids are also a great way to not only add amazing volume to your hair but they also work to add amazing length.  Because you are having your hair braided and adding lengths of synthetic hair every so often you can add the synthetic hair at the end of the braid to continue the length.

Goddess Hair BraidsThe key to goddess braids is to adopt the style and make it your own.  There are many options you can adopt from the goddess braid look.  You can pin the braid at the nape of the neck into a long loop.  You can add beautiful flowers or sparkling jeweled hair pins.  Experiment with different hair accessories to create and find the look that works best for you.  Goddess hair braids are wonderful in that they can be dressed up with beautiful hair accessories or they can be dressed down depending on the look you want.

Goddess braids are a fun way to change your hairstyle.  They are fun and funky, sleek and elegant.  It all depends on your preference for styling them.  Have fun with this look and make it your own.

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