Gothic hairstyles


goth hairstyles

Coming up with something new in the area of Goth hairstyles is no easy task. Everyone wants to look unique and have their own style, but with a culture that”s been around for as long as the Gothic culture has, its difficult to find new styles.

By the way if you have any hairstyles you wanna show off you can submit them using the form at the bottom of the page which you can find by clicking Here!

The aim of this page is to give you some ideas to come with a new style that”s “you”. Of course there”s nothing wrong with copying one of the styles below, especially if its something that you think would really suit you because lets face it, finding something that looks good and your happy with is often really tricky.

If you do see a style you would like to copy below I”d suggest at first taking the picture to a professional hairstylist as some of them are quite tricky to re-create. Also you could take several pictures of different styles and just point out the features of them that you want, I”ve personally come up with loads of new styles by doing this.

gothic hair

This first one is actually quite straight forward, it involves a dyeing of the under layer for your chosen colour, then a simple straightening and shaping of the fringe.


gothic girl hair

A long haired style which can be achieved with the use of curlers.

gothic hairstyle

This one isn”t really a Gothic hairstyle, but more of a modern, fashionable cut which works well with a Gothic set-up.

gothic hairstyles

Colour, that”s it, a good use of colour can turn a simple hairstyle into that hot Goth look.

goth haircuts

This one is made by creating a choppy, odd length haircut with an inventive use of colour.

goth hair styles

Again, a simple style that”s easy to create but is made into the hot look it is by the use of colour combined with the rest of the persons appearance, such as cloths, make-up etc…

If you have any Goth hairstyles you”ve done or would like to share then please use the form below and I”ll add you to the site for everyone to see.

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