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The secret to how to grow hair faster is something women have been trying to figure out for centuries and it’s not hard to see why. More than anything else, long, shiny, beautiful tresses are the hallmark of the sophisticated, feminine, and sought after woman.


They literally stop men in their tracks and they turn other women pea-green with envy. A woman who can discover how to make hair grow faster could potentially have the world in the palm of her hand.


However, growing such hair is another story altogether. It really is the sort of thing that takes a bit of know-how and understanding in regards to how the biology of hair works. Growing longer, stronger, shinier hair has everything to do with healthy hair care, smart choices, and the use of the right products. Consider the following tips on how to grow hair faster in order to make the most of your lovely locks and achieve the length you’ve always wanted.


Be kind to your hair and treat it with care.

One of the main reasons some women have trouble growing the long, beautiful hair they crave is that they are too rough with their hair. Hair is by nature quite fragile and this being the case you must handle it with kid gloves. Use a brush with natural bristles that won’t pull, yank, or tear your hair and then do your daily brushing with care.

Don’t use hair accessories of clips that have rough edges either, as they will also damage your hair over time. Instead opt for covered rubber bands or coated bobby pins that allow you to achieve the styles you want without the damage. You should also make sure to eat well and nourish yourself, as a nutritious diet high in vitamins, minerals, and lean protein will help you grow your hair much faster.


Limit your hair’s exposure to heat, the elements, and unnatural chemicals.

If you are truly interested in learning how to make hair grow faster, then you should begin looking for ways to limit your hair’s exposure to heat, as well as the harshness of Mother Nature. Cut down on the number of days a week that you style your hair with a blowdryer, a curling iron, or a flat iron. Instead, come up with some wash-and-wear hairstyles that allow your hair to dry naturally more of the time.

Never let your hair whip around in the wind or bake in the sun either, as the elements can really damage your hair and limit its potential for growth. Last but definitely not least, don’t overexpose your hair to chemical dyes, perms, or relaxers, as these are some of the hardest things for your fragile hair to tolerate, especially if you’re trying to grow it out.


Use the best hair products under the sun.

Some of the most important basics in regards to how to make hair grow faster lie in using the proper products for your hair. This means choosing gentle shampoos and conditioners that clean your hair thoroughly without stripping it of its natural moisture. Take care not to use too many hairsprays and harsh styling products that can damage your hair as well.

In order to really kick your hair’s growth potential into high gear though, it’s important to add a good quality hair tonic or hair oil to your routine. While there are a few out there on the market that have a lot of value when it comes to how to grow hair faster, we tend to feel the natural approach is better. For example, Mira hair oil is the best natural hair oil product we’ve found to date, as it’s not only all-natural, but it really seems to give hair a significant growth boost that other products just can’t deliver.


The Ancient Secret of Mira

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Mira may be a new beauty find in regards to the Western world, but the women of India and Southern Asia have known about it for thousands of years, so if you’ve ever wondered why Indian women have such long, well-nourished hair? Mira is your answer.

Mira helps to nourish the hair from the inside out with a unique and time-proven blend of Ayurvedic herbs, oils, vitamins, and other nutrients that help to control frizz, lock in moisture, and strengthen the internal structure of the hair so that it’s better able stay healthy over time without developing split ends or other issues.

Most importantly of all, this level of nourishment helps your hair actually grow much more quickly than it normally would. Typically, your hair grows about half an inch a month. However, many women who have added a product like Mira to their beauty routine are reporting an increase in monthly growth to the tune of 2-3 inches instead. That said, adding it to your routine is definitely a smart move if you’re serious about achieving your own goal to have the longest, strongest, most beautiful hair under the sun.


Now You Can Use This Magical Hair Oil to Grow Your Hair Faster, Longer, Silkier, Thicker and More Manageable in Just 15 days. 


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