Haircuts for thin hair

When you have thin hair in the top front hairline your best hairstyle for thinning hair will often include bangs. The usage of bangs will allow you to comb your hair forward in order to conceal this problematic area. In order to continue this trend should your hair become too thin in front, it may be necessary to cut your bangs from a little further back on your head.

This grants you the appearance of increased thickness in this region. Do not cut your bangs too far back, however. This will give the hair an unattractive or decidedly odd appearance. The suggested range is no more than 1 inch to 1.5 inches. The only way taking hair from further back will work is if your hair is generally short all over.

Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Hairstyles for thin hair are a confusing topic for some people due to the lack of understanding in what this means. The confusion is based around the difference between fine hair and thin hair. Fine hair is a hair type with a small individual hair circumference. It is entirely possible to have a thick head of head with a fine hair type. Thin hair is the determination that fewer individual hairs grow in a specific region. It is possible to have coarse, wide, individual hairs that give the appearance of a thick head of hair. However, with fewer individual hairs in a region there are specific styles that work better for you.

Hairstyles for Thin Hair

If you’re hair is thinning on top then the best hairstyle for thin hair that you can use will be a layered look that is combed to the side. A lower side part, one that usually appears to be from the middle of the eye line to the outer corner, works well. Do not go too much lower as that would cause you to appear to have the infamous “comb-over” that so many people abhor.

If you seek hairstyles for thin hair that appears on the side of your head you can choose a shorter style all around the face area. Brush your hair back to make it longer or comb it down to frame your face.

Diffuse thinning hair can be solved by using hairstyles for thin hair that include growing your hair until you can achieve a single-length bob. Do not allow the length to go beyond the chin level as the extra weight may make your hair appear thinner. If a large portion of the hair that is thinning happens to be on top, try layering your hair with shorter hair.

Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Hairstyles for Thin Hair

When it comes to hairstyles for thin hair for thinning that appears at the crown your best solution will be to grow the surrounding hair longer. You can comb the hair on top back to conceal the thin area. Alternatively you may use styling products to cure the common affliction known as the swirl or double crown. This happens when the ‘cowlick’ area of the crown splits into two areas and appears thinner. This is especially problematic for those with fine hair.

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