Hairstyles for boys with short hair


Take a peek at the following cool hairstyles for boys with short hair so you can benefit from a stylish and trendy haircut!

There are a variety of cool short hairstyles ideas for boys to choose from as over time new and newer hairstyles have been invented, allowing men to be more diverse when it came to hair cutting. New hair styles are constantly developed to suit the current fashion and style trends so boys can choose a hairstyle that suits their personalities.

Short hairstyles are perfect for boys and men who don”t want to spend too much time on hair styling, but still want to look stylish. The new hairstyles developed look absolutely amazing and due to the hair cutting techniques the hair can be styled differently every time one wishes. To choose a fabulous short hairstyle that manages to make you stand out, try to select one of the following hairstyles ideas suitable for boys:

Geek chic hairstyles for boys
The geek chic style looks fabulous and is adopted by several celebrities such as Kanye West, Justin Timberlake, etc. The geek chic trend has managed to capture everyone”s attention as until now everything was about not looking geek-ish but fashion designers and hairstylists managed to work their magic and transform this into a fabulous trends with an abundance of style. To obtain this hairstyle it is bets to turn to a professional as cutting short hair in a geek chic style is not very easy. You are looking for a stylish look though so turn to professional help.

Preppy chic hairstyles for boys
The preppy chic look has managed to stand out this year due to the incredibly stylish look exuded. This type of hairstyle is styled neatly using hair styling products which set the hair in place. A little bit of hair length is necessary to achieve the style. Boys with sleek straight tresses benefit most from this type of hairstyle, but curly haired boys do look great as well only the hair needs to be cut shorter on the sides for a stylish look.
A little bit of maintenance will be necessary when it comes to this hairstyle but it will definitely be worth it.

Cool messy hairstyle
The messy look is yet again popular as there is just something about this look. A little bit of hair length is necessary to create this type of hairstyle which is extremely popular among celebrities as well. This type of look can easily be created using a hair styling gel, wax or mousse, depending on personal preference. The fingers are used to give a little bit of texture to the hair and style it as desired. The hair on top of the head can be cut longer than on the sides to allow the hairstyle to receive a more obvious and a more stylish messy appearance.

Proper hair care is a must even when it comes to boys hairstyles so make sure to use hair products which are destined for your tresses. If you are using heat styling utensils to style your tresses make sure to use a heat protection spray to protect your hair from damage.


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