Hairstyles for kids with long hair

The long hair of the child requires special care. It’s not always convenient, however, long strands – it is always nice.

Such hair can create a variety of hairstyles, so it is likely that the creation of children’s hair will be your kind of art expression.

Almost all moms love to braid my daughter braids, and make charming updo. But at the same time do not forget about how to create hairstyles for children’s hair, so as not to damage them. This was announced today and we’ll talk!

It is said that beautiful hair determines the image. However, for both children and adults is very important to hair health. Being young, our mothers protect our hair, carefully fulfilling all rules of hygiene and hair care.

But when we are growing up, we begin to seriously neglect the health of the hair, exposing their coloring, a hot dryer, etc. It should be noted that the hair is very sensitive to the environment, as well as a lack of vitamins needed for hair growth.

How to treat hair of the child?

A. Wash your hair with shampoo on an organic basis. This means that the shampoo should be gentle and contain as little as possible “chemistry.” In addition to the shampoo should include natural products (herbs, oils) and as little preservatives.

Two. Wet baby’s hair should be wrapped with a towel and take it off after 15 minutes and not rub your hair with a towel thus, as you may damage the structure. For example, the hair can be compared with a glass rod, which is by mechanical action may crumble. Similarly, our hair, with a high mechanical pressure (friction), change their structure (cross hairs). As a result, hair becomes thinner and loses its luster.

Three. Children need to dry your hair the natural way, without a hair dryer.

4. During installation use the foams and mousses based only on natural ingredients or not at all.

Five. Hairspray is contraindicated for children under the age of 7 years.

6. By creating a fashionable styling, use a soft hair clips. Studs and stealth can be used to create the hairstyles for children from 7 – years. Do not forget about the safety of her child.

7. Timely trim bangs, as well as making sure your hair does not fall into the eye area. This can lead to strabismus.

This fashionable styling to truly belongs to the most beautiful baby hairstyles. It involves the flowing hair, and a few strands collected in the field of bangs that you want to stab the back, at the back.

Thus, you get a hairstyle that is both practical and beautiful. Gathered side locks allow you to completely remove the hair around the eyes, this hairstyle does not prevent the child throughout the day. How do I?

Try to get some original gum, hair ornament which can be flowers, whimsical figurines, butterflies, etc. This pin will delight your child and make the process of creating a hair more fun.

In your arsenal should be a lot of small pins, who can choose one or another strand. In addition, get a few hoops, watch that they were soft. Ideal – a wrap of fabric on the elastic. Create hairstyles “Malvinka” a very simple process.

To begin comb the hair and screw the Sledkov them. Then take a small section on the left and right side. Join them in the neck and fasten a rubber band for hair. Our hair is ready. For variety, you can use braids, braided strands on the side.

Trendy haircut “fits perfectly in the way of children, this fashionable styling looks great as an everyday hairstyle and involves a lot of options and performance techniques. For example, you can create a “Kolosok” around the head, while in the hair can be woven tape, so you get a nice holiday hair. How can I create?To begin comb the hair. Now take a small section at the temple, divide it into three pieces and begin to weave three strands. Gradually, the upper weave a strand of hair, adding to the lateral side. Once hair is completely interwoven, fix the hair elastic. To complement her hair flying, attach it to the middle strand, and tie at the knot. The two edges of the tape, attach to the sides of her hair and start braiding. Another interpretation of spikelet – Spit “fishtail.” In the children’s hair styling this fashion you can braid two pigtails, get a very gentle way.Hair bow itself looks very nice. Kids Hairstyles for Long Hair suggested a creative approach and this is the option. To create a hairstyle “Bunt” Gather the hair in a ponytail. Then connect the tail in half and drag the rubber band, leaving the ends of her hair in front. It is through them we will create a bow.

The resulting beam was split into two hands, and left the tip of the hair bundle and share a strand anchoring the back with rubber bands. Our hair is ready.

These simple styling can be done within a few minutes. We hope that these tips will help you create an original children’s hair!


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