Hairstyles for school long hair

Hairstyles are of great importance for girls, but it is the time spent styling the hair which poses a problem. Here are some stylish easy to do hairstyles appropriate for school and not only so you can look fabulous every day.

Looking gorgeous doesn”t keep count of age and easy to do school
hairstyles for long hair are meant to make girls all over the world
look fabulous. Hairstyles are very important in physical
appearance, this is why it is important to take good care of your
tresses. The right hairstyle can complete your look and take you
from simple to fabulous in an instant.
Hairstylists have created a variety of easy to do hairstyles just
so you can look gorgeous every time with a minimum effort.

Short hairstyles can easily be styled especially if the right cut
is performed. It is the long hairstyles which are the most
difficult to style, as long hairstyles are more versatile, but
require more styling time than shorter hairstyles. Girls usually
opt for long hairstyles because of the hair”s versatility. Styling
your hair will now take you only a few minutes so you can have more
time for yourself while still looking fabulous.

Pulled back hairstyles

Buns and chignons are very popular as they are one of the quickest
ways to style your hair and look chic.
Mini buns are very popular this year, so not only will you benefit
from a trendy looking hairstyles, but you will be able to style
your hair in just a few minutes.
This is a hairstyle perfect for “in a hurry” moments when you just
don”t have the time to style your hair.

To create a bun you will only need a scrunchy or a hair elastic.
Pull your hair back as low or as high as you desire, similar like
you would do for a ponytail. Wrap the elastic around once or twice,
then twist and pull half of your pony through and continue wrapping
the hair elastic until the hair is stable. The end of the pony will
look great and you will look fabulous with no effort.

Loose wavy hairstyles

This hairstyle has become very popular as several celebrities are
sporting this look. Ke$ha
is one of the celebrities which has inspired girls all over the
world when it comes to tousled wavy texture.
This look is very sexy and can be easily created in minutes. You
will need a hair dryer with a diffuser and a strong hold hair
mousse to create this hot look. Apply a bit of mousse into the palm
of your hands and gently distribute it throughout the hair. Take
the blow dryer, apply its diffuser, flip your head down and scrunch
your hair before applying the diffuser. If you don”t wish to
receive hair volume, you can dry out your hair while standing

Ponytail hairstyles

Ponytails are appropriate for casual as well as more formal
occasions as you can easily dress it with fancy accessories to
match any outfit you desire.
You will need a fine tooth comb and a hair elastic to create this
lovely and easy to do hairstyle. Using the fine tooth comb pull
your hair upwards holding it in place with one hand. Another option
would be to flip your head over and pull your hair in the desired
Secure the pony tightly with the hair elastic and you”re all set.
With a rat tail comb your can lift some of your hair up to create a
small hair bump at the base of the pony for a more glamorous

Braided hairstyles

Braided hairstyles look fabulous and can easily be created on any
type of hair. You can choose braided pigtails, braided ponytails,
braided bohemian
hairstyles, etc. Learn different hair braiding techniques so
you can benefit from a versatile hairstyle as often as you

Make sure to allow yourself a little bit of time for styling as
your hair will make you look gorgeous if styled right.

Hair and photos by: Headmasters Artistic Team

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