Hand painted nail art


Lets enjoy and create artisitc nails with the Hand Painted Nail Art technique!!

What you need is…

  • Acrylic Paint
  • Palette or piece of aluminium foil
  • Different sized brushes
  • Small glass of water
  • A piece of paper towel

Things to prepare for Hand Painted Nail Art
Lets Design!!
I’ll show you the basic design using most of the tools.

  1. Dip the brush in the yellow paint
  2. Dip the paint brush

  3. Draw random winding lines from the bottom left hand corner towards the top right hand corner. Try to draw the lines quickly with a light pressure.
  4. Line No.1

  5. Dip the small brush in the white paint.
  6. Start drawing flowers.
  7. Lightly touch the white paint with the dot pen and place lightly onto the nail.
  8. How to use dot pen

  9. Dip the tiny brush in the blue paint and draw lines in the petals.
  10. Apply top coat and you are done!!
  11. And now, the Completed Design…
    Completed Hand Painted Nail Art Design
    Well Done!!
    Okay! Let’s continue the artistic work with nail polishes this time!!

    Nail Art Designs Step 3 – Nail Polish Art

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