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Get an original and eye catching look with chunky hair highlights that are meant to break the monotony of your hairstyle. Update your already smashing haircut with bold highlighting that will keep all eyes on you.

There isn’t better way to emphasize your individuality and unique beauty than multi tone hair coloring. Moreover, thanks to modern hair dyeing techniques any unimaginable color combo can be created so do not be afraid of experimenting with different hair highlights.

chunky highlightsThick-Highlights-Ideas

Thick Highlights Ideas 2013chunky hair highlighting

There are numerous styles of highlights from natural to bolder designs for any taste and preference. Chunky hair highlighting is A style that will never go out of the fashion. This design is perfect option for girls who want to create alternative style. Depending on the image you want to create, you can choose vibrant highlight color that will be contrastive with the base tone or choose subtle shade that will be in harmony with natural hair. Here are some amazing chunky highlighting ideas that will inspire you for beautiful makeover.

hair Highlights Ideas

hair styles for 2013

Chunky highlighting will be perfectly suitable for choppy layered hairstyle as it will make layers more visible. Thick highlighted strands spread all over hair will add extra movement and volume to hair. This is fabulous option for ladies with thin fine locks.

There are also another styles of chunky highlights that will add modern vibe to your image. Styles like paneling and dip dyeing are all about glamour and style. Again, bright and nontraditional colors will be more suitable for such style of highlighting.

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