Hot nail colors


For 2013, the trend in nail polish tends to veer on more subtle shades than the flashy nail colors from last year. Whether you want to apply them on your nails at home in your PJs or have a professional from salon do it for you, here are the hottest nail colors for 2013 that will surely match your wardrobe for this year.

10. Two-toned French Manicure

For that sophisticated and classy look, all you have to do is to paint your nails with a top coat of any color and let dry; and then add a French tip with a contrasting polish, or a natural polish with white tip.

9. Deep and Dark

Deep and dark colored nail polish does not necessarily mean black. You can choose from myriads of dark-colored polish like the deep, rich blue-gray; licorice-colored polish, or create your own by mixing two dark complementary colors.

8. Light and Icy

For springtime, light and icy nail polish such as the color of pink lily or light mauve colors will be the best trend. You can also choose from shades of subtle metallic tones like cool lilac and shimmery yellow.


7. Jewel-Toned Nails

Jewel-toned nails from darker shades of red, purples, teals, greens, and yellow are good accents to even the plainest black or neutral outfit just as if you are wearing actual jewels. Be ready for the paparazzi by adding real gold-infused topcoat; though a tad too expensive than your regular topcoat, the glam and glitzy look will surely be worth it!

6. Bright Tropical Nails

Be ready for the coming summer season with your bright tropical nails as you head to your vacation. Choose warm yellow, water melon pink, and fresh green lime colors for your nails; just do not forget to have your sunscreen with you.

5. Velvet Nails

Popular at the last quarter of 2012, it seems that velvet nails have been getting some momentum for 2013 as well. Nothing too flashy, these velvety colors came in elegant grey, navy, or dark purple colors.

4. Black with Edgy Accents

Perfect for colorful outfits, you can jazz up your black nail polish by adding some edgy accents like ‘bloody,’ suspicious shadowy, jagged, or anything mysteriously dark and dripping tips for those who have adventurous side. Or, you can simply tone it down with a splash of color.

3. Colored Metallic Nails

Add gold, silver, or copper colors to your nail polish selection and experiment by adding a bit of sparkle or decorating just two nails with specks of gold. Sassy and beautiful, colored metallic nails like blue, purple, and red will surely be a big hit for this year.

2. Green Nails

Add the color of the year not only in your wardrobe but in your nails as well. Choose from all shades of green from emerald to mint or add them as accents to your metallic topcoats with myriads of eclectic designs.

1. Pale Nails

Keep your nails primped and pretty just by adding a coat of pale pink or neutral polish for this year’s minimalist trend. Paired with brightly-colored or flashy outfit, you can easily have that professional and clean style for an office or casual look.

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