How do you remove shellac nail polish




How to Apply and Remove Shellac UV Nail Polish

1. Getting Started

Discount Nails suggests the following items to ensure you have everything necessary to assist with the application and removal process which includes:

·                  UV nail lamp*

·                  Top coat and base coat*

·                  Shellac colour nail polish*


·                  Cleansing wipes (Isopropyl alcohol wipes)*

100% pure acetone*

Aluminum foil (cut into small 5cm x 10cm squares)

Cotton pads or cotton balls (round cotton pads can
be cut in half)

*Can be purchased individually from our
eShop or with our starter kits.

2. How to Apply Shellac UV Nail Polish with a UV Lamp


·           Prep and file nails (including cleaning/removing   cuticles) for a
smooth surface prior to application.

·           Set up your UV lamp to prepare for the curing process (do
not use the light unless curing).

How to

    Apply a thin layer of the base coat
    evenly on nails and cure in the UV lamp for 10 seconds.

  2. Apply
    a thin and even first coat of colour nail polish and cure in the UV lamp for
    120 seconds (2 minutes).   

  3. Apply a second thin and even coat of
    colour nail polish and cure in the UV lamp for 120 seconds (2 minutes).
  4. Apply
    a thin even layer of top coat and cure in the UV lamp for 120 seconds (2

  5. Finally,
    wipe nails carefully with an isopropyl alcohol wipe to remove any residue and to
    bring out the beautiful high gloss shine.

How to Remove the Shellac UV Polish


·           Ensure you have your aluminium

foil, cotton pads/balls and pure acetone prepared.

·          Cut out the rectangular shaped pieces of aluminium foil (e.g. 5cm x 10cm)
– one for each nail which requires   the UV polish removal.

The removal process is best done over a small towel (to prevent
acetone dripping onto any surfaces).


1.        Soak a cotton pad/cotton ball with acetone and place directly
onto the nail.

2.        Wrap the rectangular shaped aluminium foil around your fingertip
and nail and squeeze to form a ‘finger cap’.

3.        Leave on for approximately10 minutes.

4.       Remove the aluminium from your finger.

5.       Using a dab of the pure acetone on a cotton pad/ball, give each
finger a final wipe to remove any remaining residue.

Please note:

           Always store the nail polishes and UV top & base coats
in a cool dark place away from sunlight.

           Use only pure 100% acetone for removal. Regular nail
polish remover is not suitable.

            Do not apply the UV nail polish or expose pre-cured polish
(including the nail polish brush) in direct sunlight or UV light. This will
prematurely begin the curing process and will cause the nail polish to harden.

·          Always ensure you replace and tightly close the bottles of
nail polish between and during applications (especially in-between curing each

Any excess nail polish on the sides of your nails can and
should be removed prior to curing with the UV lamp.

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