How to do nail art

Here’s a simple Chevron Tip Nail Art that needs no professional experience or tools.

Nail Art at Home

What you will need to create this:

nail polishes for nail art at home

A base coat, a top coat, go with any two nail polishes that you like (we used a pink and a purple polish here), a white polish and a dotting tool or a toothpick.

1. So, let’s start. First, prepare your nails i.e. file them, push cuticle with the help of orange stick, buff nails and make sure that there is no moisture remaining on your nails.

2. Second, apply your base coat.

dries completely for nail art3. Once the base coat dries completely, apply a coat of pink polish and purple polish (on ring finger). Repeat this the second time too.

purple polish for nail art4. In order to create a chevron tip, take purple polish and stoke it in diagonal position from the left side of the nail. Fill the remaining part of the nail below the diagonal and repeat the same stroke from the right side of the nail (as shown in right picture).

simple chevron for nail art5. Let it dry and if necessary, repeat the process to apply a second coat. On the ring finger, create the chevron tip using pink polish and your nails will look like this:

home tips for nail art6. Use a toothpick to place some big white dots on tips.

pink polish for nail art7. To give a finishing touch, dip a toothpick in pink polish and draw a dot inside each white dot on all fingers except the ring finger. Use a purple polish for the ring finger.

nail art8. For the last bit, use a polish remover with a thin brush to clean up the cuticles.

different colors for nail art at homeIt’s not as difficult as you imagined it, isn’t it?  You can make this with different colors, and try alternate the base color rather than accenting it.  Here’s another chevron manicure using the same technique.

perfect nail art at home for special occasions

This nail art is perfect for special occasions and can be done very easily at home. It has a silver crackle polish to get the perfect chevron and dotted look.

Give your imagination a little push and you can have gorgeous looking nails. We will come with more nail art designs using different techniques in the coming posts.

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