How to do simple nail art at home


nail art at homeNails for women is a business card. Manicure is able to complement and balance your image. Nail art at home  is a great way to  make you look well-groomed. In addition, bright nails just attract attention to you.

I’d like to talk about something not super complicated, but very simple nail art designs. You can draw anything at all nails and use different materials. With a little imagination and skill.

So try one of the options. Over time you will get better and better. Let’s start.

how to nail art at home

First you need to prepare a canvas for painting: to shape nails and smooth the surface with base cover. And then you can safely start to create. First, try to draw one nail on each hand.

French manicure

One of the simplest examples of nail art is the French manicure.This is  timeless classics, and it is always appropriate, and nails always look well groomed. First of all, you need to remove the cuticles and hape nails. Ideally, they should be square. At these shape French manicure looks best. Then polish the nails. There are two basic ways of how to draw the line at the tip of the nail.

The first variant, which is often used in beauty salons. Once the hands are prepared to put basic coverage to the entire nail. Usually clear polish is used for this purpose .After you have caused the main color, take the white paint and put on the tips of your nails. It’s okay if you get sloppy. Now take a brush and put it into nail polish remover. It should not drip from the brush, so blot it with paper. And begin to remove all unnecessary polish. When you do this  apply a top cover of polish and let it dry.

The second variant  involves the usage of special stickers for French manicure. You can buy them, but you can make them of the tape. In this case, when you cover the nail with the base color and gave it to dry, glue strips. Then paint the tips of white paint. And then remove the tape. This option is suitable if you are using a color polish for base covering. Although it depends on your creativity, and the goal you want to achieve.In some variations of this type of manicure, some negligence is beneficial and makes nails more interesting.


Nail art at home: Coloured petals

1. Cover the nail with clear, white or other not very bright paint.
2. Then take polish, for example, red, green and yellow.
3. Drop each color at the top and at bottom edges  of nails.
4. Use a thin brush for blending colors, giving the shape of petals of a flower.
5.Then take  black polish, and paint the rest. Nail art is done.

Nail art at home: elegance in dark colors

1.  Take some black polish for the base: maroon, purple, brown.
2. Using a suitable light paint, paint diagonally the top corner.
3. Then take polish for painting that will blend in with the previous two, and shiny dust, and paint on 3 lines with each color. They should come out from the left corner. And you’re done.

Nail art at home: beautiful petals

1. Use dark polish for the base.
2. Draw the petals individually.
3. Then, draw stripes with white paint inside.
4. Add a little black and paint stamens. That will turn out something like a lily.

Nail art at home: fantastic star fall

1. Apply the golden polish or gel as a base. Only the particles must be small. Allow to dry.
2. Then apply the appropriate color nail diagonally from upper right corner, but do not reach it to the bottom.
3. Now take the black paint and draw a thin line on the border of two colors. And apply a top cover of polish or clear gel.

Nail art at home: comet 

To create this you’ll need 3 manicure nail polishes, a primary color base cover and flat crystals.

1. To start put clear cover that will make the nail surface smoother. And if you take polish for  strengthening, then you’ll heal the nails. Allow to dry.
2. Next, put the base color. And give it dry.
3. Now take the polishes to paint. The colors should be combined with each other. Begin to draw the first line just above the middle of the nail. The line should be in the form of a semicircle. As a comet’s tail. And the alternate color. Then, take the crystal sand and stick to the narrowest part of the picture. Do it in the form of a triangle. And the comet on the nail is ready.

Everyone can learn to draw. All you need is patience. And inspiration will always come.

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