How to do your own nails


Manicured nails create the gorgeous hand aspect every woman desired and the best thing about it is that manicures can be performed in the comfort of your own home. Find out how you can perform your own manicure easily.

Manicured nails are one of the best things that could have
happened since make-up and it is clear why. The hands well groomed
appearance inspire confidence and style, so no wonder manicurists
are trying to revolutionize manicure.

For decades manicures were done relatively simple: cut cuticles,
filed nails and a simple coat of nail varnish, but nowadays, since
the cosmetic industry has evolved the manicures can be performed a
bit different. There are a variety of products destined for nail
care, products meant to bring out the best out of each nail.

To do your own manicure one must understand the basic steps in
manicure. There are certain steps that need to be followed in order
to make the manicuring process much easier. To perform a home
manicure you will need the following utensils before you begin:

nail clipper

water bowl

cuticle remover or pusher

nail file or buffer

nail polish

hand cream


nail polish

To start your own manicure choose a place with plenty of light,
next to a window or next to a lamp to ensure that you have a the
best lighting to do the best job. Start by placing one of your
hands in a bowl of warm water to allow your hand to soften and let
it soak for about 2 minutes. Take your hand out and dry the water
off using a clean towel. Apply the cuticle remover on the cuticles
or used the cuticle pusher to to push back the cuticles.
Using the nail clipper clip your nails the desired length as they
are less likely to break after they have soaked in water and use
the nail file of buffer to gently smooth or shape the nails as
desired. After obtaining the desired shape follow the same steps on
your other hand as well.

As soon as your nails are done wash your hands with soap and rinse
them with water to remove any residue from the nail filing and
ensure a proper application of the nail polish. Apply your favorite
nail polish on your dry nails in a uniform coat and wait for it to
dry. You can use a quick dry spray if you are in a hurry, as they
help speed up the drying process. The most appreciated and used
colors are red, pink and obviously french style manicures.

Apply a second coat of nail varnish if necessary, let the coat dry
and apply a top coat over each nail as it will help give a shiny
finish to your nail polish. If you are looking for something more
spectacular you can try to create your own nail art design using a
toothpick. Use the toothpick to make small dots that connect to
create a cute flower design. You can use any color you like for the
flower as they all look beautiful.

Make sure your nail polish is dry before you perform a relaxing
massage using the hand cream on each hand. This way the cream will
offer your hands the hydration they need in order to have a
gorgeous and smooth appearance. Your manicured nails will look
beautiful with a minimum amount of effort and pay.


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