How to use nail foils


Kejal had asked a little while ago about how to do the foil transfer nails (sorry this has taken so long!) — it’s not hard, and I’m sure foils all behave and are applied differently, but this is how I’m using the foils I got from  First, you need a base: I pick something that mirrors the color of the foil itself so it won’t show mistakes as well, but the base color really depends on the foil… some of them are transparent so you actually need to carefully pick the color to match (like these snakeskin ones), others are totally opaque so it doesn’t even matter what you put underneath.  For this I used the Wet n Wild  SaGreena The Teenage Witch because it dries so fast and was really close to the green foil I’d picked out.

First, your supplies: not much to worry about here, you just need a bottle of the glue and a roll of foil and you’re set.

nail foil supplies

You’re going to start by applying a layer of the glue to your nail (which will go on like milk) and then wait for it to COMPLETELY dry (but DON’T touch it, it needs to be tacky enough when it’s dry to hang on to the foil transfer).  You’ll know it’s dry when the color goes clear again; give it another few minutes on top of that just to be sure.

nail foil glue

Next you want to take a section of the foil and lightly drop it on top of the nail so that it sticks to the center but isn’t really touching anything yet.

nail art foil transfer

Then you need to actually press it into your nail, which is the tricky part.  You can use an orange wood stick, or your stamper applicator to roll over it, but I usually just use my thumb and first press down one side of the nail from the center and then the other, using my nail afterwards to scratch into the sides of the nails and make sure everything’s sticking.

nail art foil

Once it’s well stuck (you’ll be able to tell, the foil back will start peeling away) just take an edge of the foil and slowly pull it off of your nail (not too fast or you’ll rip the pattern up with it).  The foils are actually kind of delicate when they first go on so be careful!


nail foil transfer

It’s a really simple way to get a fun manicure going in a quick sort of way since you’re really only waiting for the glue to dry once you’ve got a base coat going.

green foil nails

All you’ve got to do next is clean up the edges, apply a topcoat (NOT SV, it will totally shrink the foil) and you’re ready to go!

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