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When it comes to false nails I’m pretty hopeless. It’s been a while since I last applied some but I can still remember the utter infuriation at trying my best to ensure that there were no air bubbles in the glue, which there inevitably always was. That together with making sure they set straight, very much put me off them.

I was recently sent a set of the new imPRESS nails which are the latest range from Broadway Nails.

Encased in a cute nail polish shaped case, the nails are stick-on, meaning no messy glue to fiddle with! All you have to do is select the suitable nail size, peel off the tab and apply straight to your natural nail. A set should last you up to a week and when you want to remove them you just literally peel them off.

When I was younger I remember owning a set of nails like this, but the sticky tab would barely last a day, so to get up to a week’s worth out of the imPRESS nails is great.

That being said, I do have one small gripe with them which is the fact that the nails come up very small. My nails are quite long but even when I tried to apply one to my pinkie (broke a nail so thus reduced to a stubby), the imPRESS nails still came up short. See image below:


I can’t see on their website if they come in different sizes, or shape for that fact but the generic shape is short square making them ideal for daily wear. I’ll do a proper Nail of the Day as soon as I can find someone who has short enough nails!

The imPRESS nails are available in 24 shades and are available from Boots at ?7.99 for plain colours and
?8.99 for patterns (perfect if you find doing nail art a bit fiddly!)

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