Island girl nail polish

Hi guys! Quick post today, I”m in Vegas wooohooo! One of the things I was most looking forward to getting while here was Island Girl nail polish. As far as I know it”s only sold in ABC  Stores in Hawaii and Las Vegas so I kinda went crazy. I got 12 in total, they were cheap ($2.99 each, I think) and buy 2 get 1 free so I wen”t crazier than I meant to!

Also, I hope you all have a good weekend, not sure if there will be a post tomorrow. I”m sure we will be having a laaaate night lol, then tomorrow morning I”ll be heading over to the International Beauty Show! The show should be fun, I didn”t know it was the same weekend until Rachel from Rachel Marie”s Nails mentioned it so I managed to snag a press pass at the last minute, yay! Be on the lookout for pictures from it on Sunday or Monday!

Sorry for the not so great pictures…the lighting in the hotel room isn”t great.

Bottom Row from L-R: Waikiki Magic, Waikiki Sunset, Hawaiian Color, Oahu Paradise, Island Color, Aloha Surf, Tropical Breeze

The red on the far left is a flakie!!
 From L-R: Mahalo Dream, Big Island Volcano, Island Treat, Kahala Breeze, Hawaiian Surt

Also picked up these cute cuticle oils!

And these pretty earrings

Last but not least…behold the reason I will be loving life as soon as I post this…this is also why I will always want to stay at the Palazzo. I wish my bathroom at home was like this…heaven! There is even a TV in there!! I”m totally geeking out about it, I”m pretty sure my friend is like wtf is wrong with you, but whatever! I know I can”t be the only one who gets excited about stuff like this!

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