Lady gaga nail art

Lady Gaga is known as a trendsetter, so check out her glamorous nail art designs and draw inspiration for your next manicure so you can definitely make heads turn. Experiment with various nail art designs and show your true fashionista side!

Image is everything for celebs, so no wonder that they are
sporting the latest trends in everything from fashion to hairstyles and
nail art designs. One celebrity which
captures all the attention whenever she steps out is Lady Gaga and her nonconformist style makes
her unique. If you’re looking to make a statement, then Lady Gaga’s
nail art designs should definitely come in handy as nothing states
fabulous more than a gorgeous manicure.

Forget about simple nail art designs and make a statement through
your nails just as Gaga as she definitely knows how to be
different. Because squared shaped nails are quite common, Lady Gaga
opted to switch her nail shape to stiletto, which is a quite
popular nail shape among women. The nail is filed to become
slightly pointy or oval at the tip, so switch-up from square to

Lady Gaga Nail Art Designs 2011

Nothing can compare to the look of hot red nail polish and
Lady Gaga knows this as she’s decided to make the best of her nail
shape through a bloody-red nail polish adorned with gorgeous gold
and black mosaic shaped nail stickers. “Heavy” looking nails are
definitely not for the faint-hearted, and they require a higher
maintenance, but the results are well worth the effort.
A special nail glue can be used to ensure the details you wish to
apply on your nail stick on well, so go crazy and adorn your nails
with the most spectacular nail accessories.

Lady Gaga Nail Art Designs 2011

Lady Gaga Nail Art Designs 2011

Half moon nail art
designs look amazing and can be super easy to create and apparently
Lady Gaga loves them as she’s been seen sporting different color
combos which obviously suit the current nail polish color trends.
To create this nail art design use one nail polish to cover your
entire nail after which, once the first coat is dry, apply a strip
of duct tape right over the lunula. Apply a contrasting nail polish
over and remove the duct tape to reveal a gorgeous half-moon
manicure. You can also use a special nail art brush to create the
design if you’re more skilled into creating a smooth and uniform
Black and nude as well as red and gold make perfect combos for a
half/moon nail art design, so follow Gaga’s style and glam-up your

Lady Gaga Nail Art Designs 2011

Glam nails are super popular, but require a high maintenance as
well as a higher amount of skill, but if you love unique, statement
nails, the effort put into creating them will be well worth the
result. Lady Gaga’s black pearl nails look amazing and can
definitely make you the sensation of any event. Apply a black
colored (even pearl or glitter) coat on the entire nail and glue
over using a special nail art glue different sized and colored
pearls. You can find these stylish nail art accessories at
specialized stores as well as online, so give them a try or
experiment with other accessories for a fab unique look.

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