Latest nail art trends 2013


2013 Nail Art

Painted nails have gone far beyond simply painting one color on them. These days, nail painting has turned into an art form. This article will discuss some of the latest trends in nail art.

Metallic Nail Polish
As the name implies, metallic nail polish is polish that contains metallic coloring. The metal gives the color a metallic sheen to the finished product. Believe it or not, there are even metallic polishes for dogs, as well as humans. And, for those who are sensitive to nail polishes, they are available in both regular and hypoallergenic formulas.

Bright, Vivid Colors
Gone are the days of boring pink or pale brown colors. Today’s nail polishes scream, “Look at me!” with incredibly vivid colors. These brights polishes come in just about any color you can think of, so women will have no problem matching polishes to their wardrobes.

Tribal Designs
Tribal designs have traditionally been popular for clothing such as dresses and shirts, as well as jewelry. Move over clothes! Nails now get to dress up in these exotic looks. Women who already have a love of tribal inspired fashion in their wardrobes can compliment their clothes and accessories by decorating their nails with tribal patterns. This style is known for painting geometric designs such as circles and triangles. The background color and shapes should be done with contrasting, yet vivid, colors.

This particular fashion trend can be tricky to successfully accomplish. Women who lack confidence in their abilities to achieve this look may want to find a reputable nail salon and let the professionals work their magic.

Summer Inspired Designs
Nature is no longer confined to the outdoors. Women who love the beauty and life found during the spring and summer months will want to consider sharing this love via their nails. Just about any summer-themed image can be used. Think ladybugs, sunflowers, white puffy clouds, flying butterflies and birds, or lovely green leaves or trees.

The more detailed the desired design, the more difficult it may be to paint onto nails. As with tribal designs, this summer designs may be better pursued at a nail salon.

Sparkling Nail Art
Sparkling nail polish is similar to metallic polish, but the sparkling is more pronounced in these polishes. The sparkling elements range widely in size. Some are as small as dust, while others are as large as the candy sprinkles used on cupcakes and cakes. The large sparkles often come in a variety of shapes, such as hearts and circles. The nice thing about the variety in sparkling nail polish is that women will be able to choose the looks that best suit their personalities. Small sparkles are subtle and suitable in the workplace, while large sparkles are fun for a night out on the town.

Women with no experience in nail art can easily use sparkling nail polish. All they need to do is paint it onto their nails and let it dry. No special abilities are required.


Women who want to stay on top of the latest nail art trends will have many options to choose from in 2013. There are a lot of fun, as well as artistic, options for them this year.

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