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Popular manicure colors for 2013

With new year, new trends are being introduced so is the case of nail colours/nail polish colors for 2013. Bright and fun colors are always related to spring but there is more for nail color trend this spring 2013. We are not only going to talk about the color getting popular for spring but also about the trends of applying these colors. First we will talk about the trends of decorating nails then about the colours which are hot this spring 2013 nail colors.

Half moon

On the runways for spring fashion 2013 almost every designer has introduced the half moon shape nail polish applied to nails of the models. Its simple as half and half nail color. The trend of nude nails for fall 2012 is staying this way. The half moon shape nail color trend is seen in every color on the runway.

Creamy colors

As we all know spring is all about soft tones and bright colors so there is no change in this concept for the spring 2013 nail color trend. The softer tones are more creamy this year, colors like shades of sky blue/aero blues, pinks, greens and purples are most seen with creamy and soft tones.

Two tones-Mixing warm and soft color tons


Two tones for nail colors is not new in the world on nail fashion, this time for spring 2013 these two tones are 1 warm and 2 soft. Means making a color block by combining are warm color with a soft color. Women are putting the soft color first and then the bright color at the edge. But trying the opposite way will also be interesting.

Here are few ways of applying two tone nail colors


Louboutin nails are the new and hot trend seen.

Coloured Edges of the nails

Leaving all nail nude and polishing only the edges of the nails is getting popular this spring, the pattern was also seen in the runways for spring summer 2013. Nude nails are not out of trend but the innovation seen in nude nails in spring 2013 is the colour on the edges, whether its half moon on the edge on the nails, any texture or a simple boundary with a color.


Metalic colors are hot this spring if not preferred as a single colour then combined with any light color popular for spring 2013 or with black, metallic red, Catalina blue, gold and silver are hot in 2013. Mostly, gold and silver are seen combined with black. Usually black as a base and silver and gold as print for nail art 2013.


Glitters are not going anywhere, its staying for not only in spring 2013 but also in the whole year of 2013. Glitters are used over dark nail enamel, light or no nail enamel (nude nails). Glitters with more gold and silver shades will be used in spring 2013 but there is no restriction on using any other color.

Beaded Nails/ Caviar Nails

Caviar beads are being used on nails and making are gorgeous appearance for some time now, the beaded nails trend is increasing constantly after it was started. Caviar nails was loved by women/girls in 2013 and they are not ready to leave the extraordinary experience of decorating their nails with these beads so its my prediction that beaded nails/caviar nails are staying and will be more popular in 2013

Nail Colours For Spring 2013


The color which was missing in 2012 and is overcoming every color in every line of fashion is white. White is favourite for dresses, shoes and nails for 2013. The not so glossy/ matte white was red hot on runways for 2013.

Nude nails

Nude nails were seen every where in 2012 and was also seen in fashion forecast for 2013. A simple, sophisticated and easy to carry nail trend is nude nails, just apply the shiner and your manicure is good to go.


Emerald green or teal green is also a color getting popular in women fashion 2013. Camo green, emerald green and bottle green are the shades which are in this spring 2013. The colour is officially called pantone.



Black with shine and matte, both are hit in 2013 as these were in 2012. Black is being used as a whole nail color and as base color for nail art designs. Also combined with metallic colors and glitters.

Metallic Red

Red is never out of trend for women for their nails and lips. This year, in spring 2013 choose the metallic red for your nails instead of matte or any other type of red.

Aqua and Silver

Aqua silver is staying this spring 2013, in fall 2012 the aqua nails (fish nails) were introduced and got a lot of fame rapidly. The fish nails look really cute and satisfy the adventures nature of daring women.

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