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manicure for menWell-groomed man’s hands are considered to be a sign of financial health and well-established career.

Decent expensive suit, polished shoes and well-groomed head now not enough for the image of a successful person . The increasing role plays beauty of hands. And that’s fine, because people continue to strive for perfection. In the opinion of many manicure masters, the number of male clients increased only in last year to 5-6 times. According to surveys by an American publication revealed that for 43% of women at the first glance appearance of hands hasthe principal value of a mans. Condition your hands can tell a lot , especially about the men. The nature of the profession, personal characteristics, the desire to look well-groomed, and many other things can be recognized by the hands. No wonder that, as hair coloring male clients also once sought the right to exist.

Like any other service, men manicure has the technological features. In many ways, male manicure is a test for a manicure master as its main principle is pergect quality and natural look of the nail after the procedure.

What is the difference between female and male manicure in terms of performance? And how to determine whether a particular salon can do it?

A good salon always tries to create a sense of psychological comfort for men. The ideal option would be a separate room. So you can take yourself in your spare time or procedure while waiting, you will be offered, for example, “male”magazines.

men manicure

Master’s workplace should be of the appropriate appearance.Here you see the bottles with pretty roses and coloful polishes,used strictly for men’s manicure, usually with a touch of masculine fragrance or no smell. Towels and napkins should also reflect masculine style – preferred to be blue, black or green shades.

Mentioning of the polishing nails often confuses men. In fact, in this case masters use a special polish for male manicure. Polish has the effect of matte or highly polished nail. Formula of men polish is somewhat different from conventional polishes.Typically, they help to restore nails. However, men often prefer a good polish, and some are so keen on it, that they are trying to acquire the professional tools and products for this intervention, keeping with them every minute. Clearly, this doesn’t have  beneficial effect on the state of the nails. Polising of nails is an extremely professional operation, and when you do it yourself your nails become thinner, resulting in red spots and onycholysis.

There’s no need to explain that the procedure of manicure or pedicure is pleasant and relaxing. But the man who confronted with this procedure for the first time may experience some strange sensations. First of all, it concerns the filing of the nails.Typically, men use nail clippers for cutting nails and as a rule the entire manicure done with this.


A true master will explain each step, briefly describing the effect of each preparation. At the same time will not overload you with information on the first visit.

manicure for male

In contrast to women in men’s  manicure  professionals use different approach to the selection of attainable shapes of nails. We use a simple rule: the shape of a male nail  is created by the fingertip. Violation of this rule leads to an absurd look of a man’s hand. Men nails are strong. But the shape of the nail bed should be adjusted almost always. Most often, male instinctively fear of any cutting tools and are afraid of blood and pain. Manicure masters should know about it. Therefore the process of removing the cuticle should be carried out very carefully and cautiously.

male manicure

A typical manicure for men, as well as everything else, evolves.Recently, salons for men offer a new, more advanced form of male manicure level ”De Luxe” – a French manicure for men. This manicure is specifically designed for people of “public”professions concerned with the need for a large number of contacts: politicians, bankers, businessmen and lawyers. First, using the”smile” (at the white line) can easily adjust the shape of the nails. Secondly, men often have dirt under the nails. A neat ”smile” will disguise these flaws .

So,men, do not be shy of natural things – manly and well-groomed hands are always highly appreciated. Simply, it looks aesthetically nice and solid.

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