Medium length hairstyles for fine hair


While wearing your hair as long or as short as you want is a decision that’s totally up to you, sometimes your hair has other ideas.

And when your hair is fine, those ideas mean lank, volumeless locks stopping you from styling your hair how you want to, and causing lots of frustration.

Rather than forcing your hair to be something it’s not, however, why not try working with your fine hair characteristics to find a hair length that will suit you and give you a great look, every time!

The Best Length for Fine Hair

The best length for fine hair is short to medium.

Fine hair is very prone to knots and fly-away strands and naturally lacks volume so anything longer than your shoulders is going to really hit you hard when it comes to styling.

We recommend taking your hair to a length that is as short as you are comfortable and confident with, and to opt for hairstyles that add volume and promote the illusion of thickness.

Short Hair Length Ideas

A short look for fine hair should have plenty of volume and promote a thicker look. Add curls or waves (right) with a curling iron or hot hair rollers, or go for a straight look with plenty of piecey texture thanks to some hair gel (left).

Medium Hair Length Ideas


As for a medium length look, add thickness with heavy blunt cut bangs (left) or volume filled waves (right), and keep your length hovering around your shoulders so you get just the right amount of weight and balance.

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