Medium long haircuts


For modern woman everyday image creation enough be well-groomed, have a nice haircut and a base of things in the wardrobe. And of course, into the notion well-groomed includes shiny, painted in natural shades of hair. Exactly on this to aim hairdressing salon industry, which accentuates luxurious women’s hair with fashionable technician haircuts, well as proposed new, all more refined hair shades.

2013 haircuts still again confirm that using base forms of and already on their background of creating new masterpieces, hairdressers give all woman opportunity every season look fresh, dynamically, modernly. The most demanded, convenient and practical can be considered haircut of medium length, namely: layered, nicked, bob haircuts.

Medium layer haircuts 2013

In a fashion now layer haircuts by the middle hair length, a layered structure of which is underlined simulators modeling styling means. To give a femininity and romantic image, hair can make curly into lungs, natural ringlets. For flirty styling is lifted ends to up. But, in the classic version on the straight, smooth hair, it looks very stylish too.

A lot of attention is usually paid to this hairstyle bangs form:

  • a shortened makes the image of playful, open, lightly naive
  •  a thick bangs below your eyelashes line – attaches mysteriousness and sensuality
  • slanting bang will make your image of a stylish and creative.


Medium length haircuts 2013 – „Bob”

„Bob” in classical performance with bangs or without is very versatile and allows you to create many different hairstyles, this is why so often back in fashion. Now, for example, actually a penalty for straight hair with bright saturated hair color Bob wearing. Hair partings can be direct (for a triangular or round face) or slanting (for rectangular and trapezoidal).
Graded variety „Bob” are suitable for any face and hair structure because of its milder forms. Now are important elongated sides and graduated strands, tousled styling, asymmetrical elements. Everyday images suitable light, romantic curls as also smooth and lush hair. For evening, you can use one of the retro images with accurate bends of waves. Adding straightened hair irons few gafre strands, get trendy hairstyle, based on the mixture of textures. Bob of rightfully gained popularity as a versatile and practical.

Haircuts with textured edge and asymmetry

Thinking about image change or creating a brighter image, should to ask your hairdresser for a haircut with asymmetrical elements. This may be a bangs or side strands, not so important, main is resulting asymmetry effect. And adding for example, hanging elongated strands, can bring creativity and share a stylish accent to the image.
This season definitely lucky fan of grunge style, for carelessness in installation at its peak. Make styling with fleece, give strands a different direction, ruffling hair – here are just a few tricks of certain trend in barbershop fashion. Textured edge allows us to give the usual haircut is quite different, more modern chic. New ways of cutting, coloring transform traditional forms in a more modern, dynamic and stylish.

Ragged haircut

Popularity jagged haircut is not accidental, because it refreshes hairstyles, and an unusually very suitable to young aged women. Suitable for younger girls more radical option (eg ragged Emo hairstyle), however aged women worth looking at a more modest version. The achieved ragged hair effect using with special scissors or shaver. In addition, the wizard will create a combined hair, where only a part of: individual strands or bangs are cut ragged effect, but other pat – ordinary scissors.

Medium length haircuts 2013 – Photos:

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