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 Like women men are also very fashion conscious and always in the lurch for the style factor that can build up their image in the best possible manner. Since they don’t adhere to make up therefore, a hairstyle is the paramount factor that can really boost their tough and cool image. With the fashion trend changing for women, men too have a lot of new trends and creative ideas being fused into the men’s hairstyles to offer the latest stock of men’s’ short hairstyles 2013.

2013 short hairstyles
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The trend of short hair is quite dominant in the current styles for men who have gone for some daring cropped hairstyles. The most prominent of  men’s short  hairstyles 2013 is the buzz cut which features extreme shortness of hair up till the shaved look. however, these buzz cuts too like the women’s bob style has a lot of styl e variation that cast a different and appealing look with every slight tampering of styles. These hairstyles not only offer a neat military look but also are very impressive and well complement the masculine physique. Some of these styles have side shave with short hair on top or even totally cropped with bald stripes for a creative touch; which is the punch line of the coming trend. Some of the men’s short hairstyles 2013 have a bald stripped pattern throughout the head which casts a funky but decent look.

Mens hairstyles 2013
2013 top hairstyles

Men’s short hairstyles 2013 also have the gelled and spiky hairstyles which are highly glamorous and in high demand in the salons. The short gelled hairstyles flaunt their maximum richness and outlook with dark hair shades. Like women, men’s short hairstyles 2013 are also inclined towards the use of hair colors out of which for men the black and blonde shade tend to project the most masculine and trendy look.The dark shades of blonde tend to project a hotter, fresh and chic look while the black or dark brown shades are at once captivating and draw instant attention. These short hairs can be styled in a messy, straight spiky, random style or even in the funky style.  They can also be given a different look by raising the spikes in a side swept manner for a raised crown area. The use of hair sprays and gels is a pre-requisite for the maintenance of these classy hairstyles. There is so much for men to choose and avail from in the coming hairstyling trend.

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