Mens haircut


On the contrary to women’s style, the short cuts for men remain as the most popular option. Most men don’t want to deal with hassle or difficulty in handling and caring for their hair, so the short hair will be the best option for them. However, the short cut can be dull and boring if the men don’t really know how to style up their hair. Here are the possible hair styles that men can implement for their daily activities:

  • The razor cuts. Razors can really add shapes, volume, and also texture to the hair. It can be used to thin the hair, dull the edges, and also add textures so the hairstyles can look different. even the razor cuts can be applied to long hair, as long as the styling is properly and correctly done.
  • The messy boyish style. In this style, men only need to cut their hair in the regular boyish form, but with certain styles and characteristics that will make them fashionable. They can add layered, thin bangs or the side cropped cut to make the boyish cut ‘not so cute’,

Long Hair Cuts

Men can have layered long haircuts if they want to. The layered cut will make sure that the hair won’t look so dull and boring. The don’ need to do lots of work; simply use a little bit of layers – like the one done by Brad Pitt with his messy style – and they can look great in such simple manner.

Of course, these men should always pay attention to the proper care and maintenance. Wash the hair regularly with the right products and keep it healthy.

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