Nail art at home ideas


Nail art is a great way to brighten your nails everyday look or decorate for the special occasion. The idea nail art is very popular these days. There are a variety of nail art designs available, ranging from designs are delicate and modest to funky and shocking. For example, you can pick a flower design to paint your nails for a date or enter the name of your favorite player or team on the day of cricket. If the design you have selected is very complicated, it is better to take the services of a professional nail art. However, it is possible to make a simple design nail art at home.  Few simple ideas for nail art at home

Lunar: This is a very famous but simple design your nails at home. Apply a dark or light polish nails. Let dry for 10 minutes. Then take a black permanent marker and add points to the nail paint for polka dots look.

Floral Designs: This is a simple and excellent design nails at home, however, is difficult and requires a little creativity. To make leaves or flowers, take a tiny ‘square’ tipped brush and a bathroom in dark corner and the other corner of the brush into a lighter color. Make a Nike swish-like stroke nails. You will see that makes what resembles leaves, depending on how you move the brush.

The French Tip: This is the simplest form of nail art at home. Take some ordinary cello tape, and put it through nails, which separates the upper and lower half. Now apply the white nail paint and then take the tape. You will see the tips spicy French.

Funky Lines: Choose a strong color enamel like pink or red and apply it to the nails. Let dry for 10 minutes. Then take a toothpick and dip it in black nail polish. Now draw as you like in the previous layer is dried to obtain a new copy-modern on the nails.

Sparkle Look: It will give the rainbow sheen on the nails. Just take clear nail polish or white. Apply a coat and before it dries, sprinkle on the store brought powdered sparkle like gold, silver or black and let it set.

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