Nail art designs for beginners at home


Do you like colors? Do you like to wear colorful accessories or clothes that reflect your mood? Then try out some nail art. There are so many ways to paint your nail into different designs and colors, however, you need to maintain a little neatness while painting your nails.

How to do Easy Nail Art?
Here are the step-by-step instructions, that you need to use while creating nail art.

  • First paint all the nails with a base coat, which can be a light color that can be shades of pink, blue, green or black. Let this base coat dry completely, before applying the second coat.
  • Now, decide what nail art do you want to paint. If you have your own ideas of nail art in mind, then draw them on a notepad with colored pencils. You can find pictures of simple nail art designs online for free. If you can’t get any ideas, then refer to the list of simple nail art designs ideas mentioned in the second part of this article.
  • Then use a nail art pen and fill up the pen with colors of your choice, or colors which go with a particular theme. On the base coat start designing the nail art carefully and slowly. If you don’t have nail polish pen, then use this nail art tip. Make a plastic cone using a medium thick plastic sheet, and fill the cone with little nail paint and use it to create nail art.
  • Let this layer of nail paint completely dry. If you are impatient, then use a hair dryer on medium heat and keep it at a distance from the nails, and use it to dry your nails.
  • Once you are done with this, add a final coat of transparent nail paint. You can also use the transparent nail paint which has shimmer, for a more glitter nail art look. Let this coat dry.

Easy Nail Art Designs Ideas
Here are various ideas on nail art designs for beginners which you can try. You can click on the images below to view them larger.

Polka Dots
Polka DotsDots are the easiest to do. You can do white dots on a base coat of red, or on white do rainbow-colored dots. Or you can paint different sizes of dots with one single color. You can do something similar to the picture on left. On a base coat of a bright color, use a contrasting color and create dots.
Abstract DesignsYou can also try out cool shapes nail art ideas. On a base coat of light color, paint different shapes on each individual nail. You can draw circles, stars, triangles, squares, etc. You can see in the picture above, how random shapes like anchor, beach, glass, etc. have been painted.
SpiralsYou can also do some cool spiral designs on your nails. In the picture above on a teal base coat, white color spirals are painted. The ends of the spiral are done with three petal flower with a black core. You can choose your own colors to create different spiral nail art designs. Some good color combinations are sunshine yellow base coat with white spirals and dark blue base coat with red spirals.
FlowersYou can also paint cute small flowers on a base coat of your choice. The flowers can be of a contrast looking single color of different colors. In the picture above simple white flowers with yellow center have been painted. After the whole design is done, a clear nail polish has been applied to protect the nail art and give it a glossy effect.
SparklesIf you can’t paint or don’t have a nail polish pen, then find mini stickers of stars, or glow in the dark shape stickers. Then on a base coat stick these mini stickers and enjoy instant nail art. There are many nail paint bottles available which has some stars and other shapes in the paint itself. So, all you have to do is paint your nails with it, and you can have cool sparkly shapes on your nail.
Animal Prints
Animal PrintsStripes are very easy to do, when it comes to nail art. You can do vertical stripes, horizontal stripes, diagonal stripes, or wiggly small stripes. You can keep the stripes of one color, or zebra color or multi-colored. In the picture you can see cool animal print design. To create this nail art design, paint the nail with three different color nail paint which can be pink, blue and yellow. Then fill up the nail art pen with black nail paint and start creating wiggly shapes to complete this nail art. In a similar manner, you can also create zebra stripes, tiger print, leopard print, etc.

More Ideas
Apart from the above ideas, you can also try some other easy ideas. You can try splitting the nails diagonally with two colors. To do this, first paint your nail with bright-colored nail paint completely. Then paint the other diagonal half of the nail with other bright color. You can also try painting your nails with a base coat of black, and paint moon, start, planet shape on it for a cool night theme. You can also try on a base coat of light gray color, you can also draw smiley faces of different expressions for easy nail designs. Here is an illustration of various nail art designs which are simple and can be easily done on your nails.

Nail Art Designs01

However, these ideas are not just for fingernails, you can also use them as to paint nail art on toes. So, collect different colored nail paints, and try out these cool ideas.

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