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When we talk about girls then the first thing comes into our mind is beauty and beauty is related to many things but today we are talking about the beauty of hands and nails of the ladies. Many females are not conscious about their hands and nails beauty although they are very important part of beauty. Now days there are lots of things are in fashion by which girls can make their nails attractive and cool.

Nail art has become very popular for last few years, creative and artistic and unique nail designs not only work as an accessory but also add freshness and beauty to the hands. Fashion cognizant girls pursue the nail art trends 2013. Nail art is a beautiful way to spice up your look. Here are most popular nail art designs 2013 pictures that you can do easily in your own home to brighten up your nails.

There are beautiful artificial nail designs 2013-2014 are available in the market in different which you can use your dress colors there are attractive nail art designs 2013-2014 which you can make at home with different color nail polishes very easily. Nail art specially is the game of playing with variety of nail polish colors more you use the colors more they look pretty. Girls also use beautiful nail art 2013-2014 according the events like there is valentine day then girls use heart nail art designs 2013 to celebrate the Valentines Day. There are also beautiful nail art stickers which young girls can use in their collages and schools. Fashionable nail art styles 2013 ads on your beauty and add glamor to your personality.


Awesome nail art designs enhance the beauty and excellence of your hands and nails goes so look at the fantastic nail art amusement and help yourself for you’re afterward nail designs. Young girls are of fond of looking elegant and gorgeous on the parties and functions and they always try something which makes them more attractive and unique from all other girls so if here is best easy tips of the nail art which you can try and make your hands and nails more wonderful. There are latest brands of nail polish 2013-2013 new nail paints and color are in trend which you can use and do something creative ideas to make your nails looks awesome.

So if you are looking for some best nail art designs 2013 or you want some latest celebrity nail art designs 2013  in this article I have collected some fabulous nail art tips 2013 by which you can enhance the beauty of your hands and nails.

It is the beautiful multicolor nail this design the basic of the nail is made with white color and then different colors of nail polish is used to make the little hearts with make your nails more beautiful.


This is one of the beautiful nail art in this design different things are used like beads and star stickers with red , black and sliver color nail polish.

Now days young girls like tp apply dark color nail polish on their nails because it makes your hands more attractive this picture dark purple or you can say dark blue color is used with bit glitter which enhance the beauty of the nail color.

This nail design is the for teenage girls because pink funky color with white make this design to say wow!!

This is also one of the special nail art design for Christmas.if you want to give some special look to your nails on Christmas then this is one of the best option.

  • Beautiful Nail Art style 2013-2014

Its is wonderful nail art style the combination of orange with black looks awesome.this is tiger design nail art.

It is wonderful funky color nail art design.if you are collage going girl and want to try some stylish nail art idea then it is the best option for yoy because it is easy and simple and you can make in short time.

If you are pink lover and often girls are crazy about pink then this nail art design with pink and sliver glitter and black nail color is just wow!

If you are going for some cool party and want to look different then this stylish nail art design with golden stones and beads is just awesome you can use this design with your elegant dress on any kind of party which absolutely make your hands attractive.

this is home made mail art designs .

One more beautiful nail art design with royal blue color.


From this picture you can have the idea of party make-up and off course different nail art designs 2013.there are different ideas are used in this style and you can try any one of it.

this is best Wedding Nail art Designs.

It is simple and elegant red color nail color.

This is one of the black and white color nail art design and you can apply this nail art style for any function.

these are party Nail Art Design 2013 Picture.

this is most beautiful weeding nail art design for bride.

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