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All ladies simply love to take care of their nails. It’s a part of modern fashion and thanks to many innovations in the nail care industry today we can choose a variety of different colors. Among the most popular bands is OPI gel nail polish color chart 2013.

cosmo not
alpine snow



Cosmo Not

Alpine Snow

miami beet




Miami Beet

pink flamenco
opi ink

Pink Flamenco



Opi Ink

Short info on OPI nail products

OPI is now one of the most popular professional nail care producers in the world. Their products are concerned with not just nail polishes but they also have products for damaged nails and many others nail care products. OPI became famous for the various nail polishes’ collections that certainly have creative names that belong to a variety of cultures such as Minnie Mouse collection, Holland collection, Spider-man and many, many others.


When it comes to colors of OPI nail polishes, you can find several OPI nail polishes color charts for each and every collection that OPI has launched on their official website. Well, it is also important to say that OPI cosmetics has already launched OPI gel nail polish color chart 2013.

OPI gel nail polish color chart 2013– winter is coming!!!

OPI gel nail polish color chart 2013 will be officially launched in January 2013, by one of the most famous singers in the world, as OPI announced. Yes, Mariah Carry will be the face of the upcoming OPI gel nail polish color chart 2013. In order to tease ladies that are in love with OPI nail polishes not just for their long lasting quality but for their looks as well, OPI has already launched a few nail polishes from the new collection. From these tester OPI gel nail polish color chart 2013 we can see that the colors are suitable for the winterish time of the year. There are nail polishes that are creamy – light blue, light yellow, light grey that will go great with the snowy environment. However, on the OPI gel nail polish color chart 2013 you can also find warm tones of devilish red and orange that will certainly keep you warm. In order to welcome the holiday spirit, OPI has also launched many glitterish nail polishes that are suitable for all the parties awaiting you these days.


OPI gel nail polish color chart 2013 – get ready for summer time!

Just like they launched OPI gel nail polish color chart 2013 for winter, OPI has also teased us all with a part of the chart for spring and summer collection as well. In OPI, they have decided that there will be much of the binding between old and new – ancient and modern so there are some matte deep blue and aqua blue, many bronze and golden tones. It’s on you to choose what suits best your personality and lifestyle.

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