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Want Hello Kitty nails? Check out the pictures and videos below for ideas and how to do your very own! Hello Kitty is a cute and popular cartoon character. She was created by a Japanese company and is a cat with a pink bow.

This is a really simple Hello Kitty nail design. The tips are white and have the Hello Kitty face on them. The bottom part of the nail (near the top in this image) is a bright pink. The bow spans across both the pink and white portions which is a really neat effect. I really like this one because it has both a lot of pink in it and still sticks with the Hello Kitty theme.

Hello Kitty nails

This one only has Hello Kitty on one of the nails. On the other nails are a neat dot design. Also notice how some of the other nails are pink with white dots and some are light blue with light dots. This is a really unique design that looks great!

Hello Kitty nail designs

This design is similar to the first one, only without the pink part. This look just as good though and I really like them.

Here is a slightly different design. In these one nail is painted yellow and the other pink. One nail has the Hello Kitty design on it and the other just has a big bow on it. I like how the designs are near the base of the nail and also the glitter and white portion give it a nice touch. This is an extremely good use of just two finger nail designs.

This is probably my favorite one. It is similar to the first on in that the nail tips make up the Hello Kitty character. In this one though, there is a 3d bow that has been attached to the nail which is incredible! These are so amazing and one of my all time favorite designs.


Also be sure to check out some of these great videos below on exactly how to create some of these great designs.

Here is a video tutorial on how to do Hello Kitty nails:

Here is a different video on how to do Hello Kitty french nails:

This video is how to do Hello Kitty nails with 3d purple glitter:

Hello Kitty is such a popular character that she can also be found on a lot of other items besides nail designs. I’ve seen her on clothing, backpacks, cars, and even things like tattoos and firearms! She is really cute and very popular, so if you decide to do these designs on your nails, you are sure to get a lot of nice compliments!

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