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Having read about Minx for quite some time now, I was itching to get them on my hands. A few months ago I checked the Minx Salon Finder to see that my closest Minx Pro was in Pennsylvania, a two hour drive from the Cleveburg. Boo! Fortunately, I’m persistent and kept checking the site only to find that a few weeks ago a new Minx stylist was added in my area. Yay!

So this past Saturday, despite the falling snow and slippery roads, I trekked on down to Stow, Ohio to meet with Telia Anderson at the Gavin Scott Salon & Spa. Telia has been using Minx on herself and her co-workers for quite some time now but I was pleased to be her first real Minx client. Since it’s the holidays and because Minx is known for their chrome look coatings, I had to get Golden Lightening. As you can see below, the coatings come on a sheet with various sizes, similar to the Avon Instant Manicure or Sephora Nail Patch.

What makes Minx different from the nail stickers you can buy in the store is the material and the adhesive. I don’t know about any of you but I’ve tried the Avon and Incoco versions and could never get them to stick or lay properly. Plus, they just looked cheap. Minx is definitely a higher end product.

Application – A basic manicure is performed before application and the nail plate must be cleaned of all oils and residue. The coatings are heated under a lamp or hair dryer to make them flexible and warm the adhesive. The tech then lines up the rounded edge with the cuticle and, while lightly dragging, presses the coating onto the nail. Telia used a hair dryer, after applying, to help the coatings seal onto my nails, like shrink wrap, before using the Minx glass nail file to remove the excess.

And here is the final result….

How incredibly cool does that look? I mean, talk about bling!! I’ve been getting compliments left and right. I think Telia did an amazing job, especially since I was her first. You know, I’m not normally into this type of look but since my nails are short it’s not gaudy or crazy looking. On long nails, I think it would be extremely tacky and over the top. Best left to the editorial world.

Now while I’m loving look of Minx and think Golden Lightening is super fun, there are definitely some pluses and minuses to wearing them.



  • Easy to apply – There’s no mess, no wait time, no accidental smudging or sheet marks
  • Looks you can’t acheive with polish – True chrome, intricate patterns, your dog (if that’s your thing)
  • Perfect for pedicures – They last forever on toes. With no drying time they’re ideal for winter pedis. You’d never have to leave the salon in flip flops with frozen toes. FYI – I saw Telia’s toes with Golden Lightening and they looked beyond fab!
  • A “green” product that doesn’t use chemicals for application or removal. Just a little heat and some gentle peeling takes Minx right off.


  • No matter how much you file, the edges are never truly smooth
  • On tips, they start lifting after a couple days
  • The line at the cuticle is rounded so they won’t match every nail shape
  • Cost – The $40 I paid is at the low end of the price range which makes them great for special occasions but not practical for everyday wear.

If you want to try Minx for yourself, look for a salon using the Minx Salon Finder. Cleveland area fanatics can call Telia at the Gavin Scott Salon & Spa (330-650-4450) to book an appointment.

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