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Nail polish is as much a part of your outfit as your clothing and your accessories. Even if you’re not a nail polish junkie like I am, having a collection of awesome polishes is a necessity for every girl. We don’t always have time to go to the nail salon and sometimes, we would just like to use that $20 to buy a new blouse instead of spending it on our nails. Being able to get the same quality of nails you would get at the salon at home is extremely important when we choose to partake in our own polish application. There are some polishes that have been proven to give that same fresh out of the salon chair look that we would achieve if we had actually been sitting in the salon chair.

The 5 BEST Nail Polish Brands

1. OPI- Everyone who is into nail polish already knows about OPI because it is considered to be the best of the best when it comes to nail polishes. This nail polish is actually sold in salons and in just about any beauty store that you can think of. The retail price of this nail polish starts at $8 but you can find some at Walmart for $7 or at CVS for $6. You can also get it in a pack of three for a bit less. Ultra always has a buy one get 1 half off and the price of there’s is $8.50 so you can also check that deal out. If you buy OPI online, you can sometimes find it for as cheap as $2 but once shipping is added, it comes up to about the same as if you had bought it in a store. They have great soft shades and excellent bright and neon colors. They have large brushes and are very easy to apply. Nicki Minaj has a collection with them and so does Katy Perry and the Kardashians.

2. essie- I absolutely love essie nail polishes. They have the most to die for creamy shades. Those shades are always trending and when it comes to your light pinks and nudes and whites, essie is the way to go. Britney Spears and other celebrities have worn it. They have been featured in Allure and InStyle magazines. They have received awards for having the most chicest shades and for being the best nail polish. It is sold in Nordstrom, Target, Rite Aid, Walmart, CVS and Walgreens. If you purchase essie from the website, the price is $8.00 but some of the pharmacies such as CVS and Walgreens always has great sales on them. On a lucky day, you can find essie for half off. You can also find this nail polish at ebay for a bit less but once you add shipping, it’s not worth it. Although, buying it in bulk could sometimes save you a few dollars. For example, I did see a deal on Ebay for 6 different shades where each of the nail polishes would end up costing you $6. The only thing with this nail polish is that you need a second coat and sometimes you even need a third coat. It is advised to use a base coat first.

3. China Glaze- If you would like to spend a little bit less on nail polish, China Glaze is the right choice. It’s been worn by Kelly Clarkson and Avril Lavigne and has been feature in many nail magazines such as Nail Pro, Viet Salon and Nails Magazine. It has also been featured in InStyle magazine. It is sold in Sally Beauty and Ultra and is priced for about $6. I’ve seen China Glaze being sold for as little as $1 online and with shipping that comes up to about $4. I would actually recommend buying it online since you would actually be saving a buck or two by doing so. The consistency among this brand is not the same. You only need one coat of some while you need a second coat of others but it’s still a great nail polish brand.

4. Sally Hansen- Sally Hansen has awesome quality nail polish but my favorite thing about thing is the fact that Sally Hansen deals with nail care so their nail polishes are also beneficial to your nails. My favorite flesh-tone nail polish comes from Sally Hansen. They are priced from $5 to around $8 at Walgreens. They are also sold at Target, Walmart, CVS and Sears. There are some instances when you can save a dollar or two buy purchasing them online but for the most part, you are getting a very good deal at the stores. They also have the salon effects which not only gives you the salon look but it also is the most simple nail application ever. Those sell for about $9. They also have the crackle polishes that many have seemed to love. Sally Hansen is a trendsetter in the nail polish world.

5. Zoya- This nail polish brand barely ever comes up when talking about nail polish but it’s definitely among the best. I love, love, love their creamy colors. They are sold for $8 or you can buy a collection sampler for $48. It is difficult to find in stores but it is sold by Ulta. For the most part, I would advice buying this online just because it’s so difficult to find in stores. There are some sites like Natural Healthy Concepts where you would end up paying exactly $8 for it because they don’t add tax or shipping. That’s the cheapest I’ve seen it being sold for but you may luck out one day and find a good deal. It is used at salons so it is definitely salon quality. The only downfall is the fact that it’s not more available.

In some instances, nail polish can replace your need to wear accessories. They allow you to add creativity and color to your outfit without much effort. I remember when I was graduating from college, the conductor listed all the things we couldn’t wear. She wanted us to keep our hairstyles simple and not wear colorful shoes or clothing or huge earrings. After feeling stripped of my uniqueness, I realized that the only thing she did not mention was our nail polish. It was the only way I could add color and creativity to my outfit and I made sure to put on the brightest nail polish color I owned.

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