Nail stamping ideas

Now, here’s another mani that I really liked. Simple but absolutely gorgeous! Initially, I wasn’t quite sure where to place the stamp but I decided to try lining up the stamp against the edges of my nails so they won’t look so out of place. Love how it turned out. :D

Products used:
China Glaze For Audrey – base color
a-england St. George – stamping color
N.NAIL Stamp Plate B97 (bottom right in the first picture)

Finally, I decided to try another french mani because the bow looked too cute on the stamp plate! I didn’t quite like this one on my nails though. The bow looked a little too big for some of my nails. Maybe I should have just stamped on an accent nail =

Products used:
Orly Au Champagne – white tips
OPI Barre My Soul – base color
O2 Skin MK 0220 – red
Konad Stamp Plate – M56 (top right in the first picture above)

And because my sister saw me stamping merrily away, she asked for a manicure too. I think she was secretly impressed with my stamped nails. She didn’t admit it, of course ;)

Behold! My unwilling model! I had to beg her to let me take this photo… :||

It took me quite a while to decide on a design and color scheme for my sister’s nails. But these turned out quite well, right?  The design is simple but looks absolutely funky and striking against the white. I loved it so much that I did it for myself too! Both my sister and I received quite a few compliments in school! :L

Products used:
Orly Au Champagne – base color
Clatty black – stamping color
N.NAIL Stamp Plate B97 (see picture above)

So that’s the end of my first stamping adventure! They turned out fairly good for a first-timer right? :$

Some tips that may be useful for a beginner stamper:

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