Nails for new years


Celebrate the arrival of the new year with a high street manicure. These New Year’s Eve party nail designs will turn your nails into real jewelries. Find out how to master the art of nail painting in the quickest and most efficient way. The statement prints and patterns look amazing when applied to both long and acrylic as well as short nails.

An A-list manicure can serve as the best accessory to top your
party look. There’s no need to stick to the most complex designs,
instead you can sport a simpler and still glamorous nail art. The
New Year’s Eve party is indeed one of the most important events of
the year, therefore you better prepare for it with great care.
Finding the best nail art ideas can be also a means to polish your
look and have all that it takes to mesmerize your admirers. Just
like Christmas nail designs,
the following New Year’s Eve Party nail designs are perfect to
honor the holidays. Skim through the brief selection and spot the
one that best suits your skills.

Glittery glam nails can be created with the help of a high class
manicure kit. Polish the nails to have the desired shape, then
select the most flattering shades that complement your skin tone.
Find the best design from the infinite nail art galleries and
follow the instructions in order to pull off a textbook style
manicure. Animal, floral as well as abstract prints are used to
decorate the nails especially when it comes to festive events.

Besides the basic shades and patterns, you can also opt for
additional details as pearls, stickers and other accessories. These
will boost the eye-popping effect of your manicure. Apply the
desired prints to your short or long nails, the effect will be
equally overwhelming. Check out these cute designs that can be
created with a little handiness. The holiday shades used here are
perfect to keep up the party atmosphere and enjoy yourself
throughout the night. Trawl the specialized stores and scout the
endless range of nail accessories.

Combine the various tones from matte to shimmery nail polish
colors into a sole manicure, the result will be simply
irresistible. Ombre nails as well as the multi-colored manicure
designs will look just fabulous. Take a closer look at these cute
examples and find out which are the latest nail trends when it
comes to the New Year’s Eve party. Arm up your nail kit with the
must have colors and create the patterns yourself. On the other
hand, if you don’t trust your skills, make sure you ask for the
professional help of a nail artist.

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