New hairstyles 2013 women

Autumn is one of the best times of year when think of a good makeover, because once we clean up our hair from the ravages caused by the sun and water during the summer while Brand new image to start with strength and hope the new season. If you are considering him a visit your hairdresser first check out this post in which what is going to take over the next year as far as hairstyles trends are concerned.The short hair will remain the undisputed star of the next season, thanks to the initiative of actresses like Anne Hathaway or to either the script asks for or desire to break radically with his previous image, have given up their long manes. If you think the style pixie cuts are too much for you, try to keep your neck in a hurry and longer bangs . You’ll get a very fashionable punk air and contrast will be easier. Think short hair has many advantages, as they spend less and less time in taking care products, but produce touch you spend each month for the hairdresser to maintain perfect form.

If you want to cut your hair but do not want a cut as radical as the previous ones, the bob is the perfect choice for you. You can play with the length from the shoulder height of the chin. This haircut is the epitome of versatility, as it can soon look multitude of styles: straight, wavy, with volume …Although until recently straight manes were the order of the day, this season’s return Clipped finishes that help us get our hair texture.

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