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OPI, the famous brand of nail polish, launches OPI gel nail polish colors 2013. We present you the first long-lasting OPI gel nail polish colors 2013. Color Gel, the newest is the first OPI nail polish long. After the nail polish color OPI Muppet Show, we present OPI gel nail polish colors 2013, the revolution of 2012. Need retouching, color of our nail polish is fixed and no scales for 3 weeks! To do this, we run into one of the bars of the nail marks and put the varnish is made from 100% gel.

We often tend to overlook the importance of a nail polish. However, the color you choose to put on your nails is to fashion accessory. A simple, tiny, hue error and nothing goes. The transparent color pops through the glitter, nail polish has a color loaded. So how to find the perfect polish? How to choose a nail polish? And what color to what effect? Attention, proper veneer is here!

Color gel, varnish long held OPI gel nail polish colors 2013 is available in 28 colors. After application by a professional, put your handcuffs under a UV lamp LED for 4 minutes and presto, your nails will be trimmed a nice color for OPI made in 3 weeks without scales.



You will have to wait a little since the OPI gel nail polish colors 2013 will be available in January 2012 in the beauty salon! But for those who want glamorous nails for Christmas 2011, visit the application of OPI nail beauty of the iPhone 4S to choose your colors! The classic manicure with OPI gel nail polish colors 2013 will be priced at 34 or 38 €. OPI gel nail polish colors 2013 are just the right choice for your nails!


OPI Gel Nail Polish


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