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The coldest months seem to be behind us and warmer temperatures encourage us to wear clothes lighter and more vibrant colors, but what are the fashion colors of nail polish for spring-summer 2013? The major cosmetic companies have already presented their collections, with nuances really beautiful. Here are all the must of the season! The nails are covered in a new light and take tone. Pastel colors (pink, yellow, teal, turquoise, orange) typical of the season in those darkest perfect for those who do not allow themselves much of the season and think that the red, purple, chocolate and even black are always synonymous with elegance, to cut the long story short – to play it safe with OPI Nail Polish Colors 2013.



Before presenting the collections, we will see a little projected trends for these warmer months, taking inspiration directly from the catwalks trendiest: trend appears undisputed that nail “small size”, i.e. well-kept but cut rather short with slightly rounded shape. Say no to the nails that are too long and too boxy shapes, and say yes to short nails and enhanced by color.


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For those who love the colors typical summer, you should not miss OPI Nail Polish Colors 2013. Instantly capture, however, the mood of vintage pin up, which for summer 2013 will surprise you with the lines in navy style, which is also found in glazes. OPI Nail Polish Colors 2013 has provided nine new colors grouped into three styles for energetic women, fashion and chic. Here are the trends of the season, not only with regard to the color, but also of technology, texture and … matching fashion with OPI Nail Polish Colors 2013.


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In the market there are so many nail polishes, in so many different colors and textures, that it would be possible to wear one every other day, however, depending on the seasons and fashions, the cosmetic companies launch different products in different tones here is the most trend for this fall season 2013 and for the upcoming winter 2013, especially when it comes to OPI Nail Polish Colors 2013.


OPI Nail Polish Colors 2013: nails always fashionable


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Change, first of all, the textures of the glazes: if, in fact, last year were all the rage glazes crackle effect, the new trend this fall and winter will be that of the magnetic enamels, lacquers with the special metal particles, attracted to a magnet, creating unique designs on your nails. This year the trend has a big boom. OPI Nail Polish Colors 2013 wants to nail rich and cared for, with waves and color overlays reminiscent of jewels; prevail long nails from the shape of almonds and almond extreme without becoming vulgar, decorated with personalized colors and unusual fabrics and materials that mimic due to mixing color and application techniques originals.


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With regard to the hue, the main trends of OPI Nail Polish Colors 2013 are three:

  • dark colors and luxurious: purple and blue combined with flashes of gold, reminiscent of luxurious jewelry and antiques;
  • sandblasted and soft colors: nature is superimposed on the urban landscape dyeing the nails of earth tones such as brown, green and peach patina;
  • shades of gold, fishing, ice blue or green gradient manicure with a vintage undertone of slight iridescence.



And now, let’s take a look at the collections offered by many cosmetic companies, such as OPI Nail Polish Colors 2013. First of all, OPI Nail Polish Colors 2013 are all about its metallic tones for a refined finish and great effect, to carry on nails not too long.

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