Party hairstyles for short hair


Some girls balk at cutting their hair short because they think that short hair has limited styling options especially party styles. Don’t you believe that! There are limitless party styles for short hair and what’s great about it is that they’re so easy to create.

Cropped pixies, short bobs with or without bang, boy look, layered short haircut will not only give you a new fresh look but will definitely make you look years younger. So go ahead and chop that hair. When you party this holiday season experiment on some of the party styles for short hair to look awesome for the party or parties you’ll be attending. Here they are:

Sleek slicked back hairstyle
A sleek slicked back hairstyle is simple and very easy to do but super chic and fashionable. This party style for short hair is one of the trendiest hairstyle for the season. It would look great on boy cuts, pixie or short bob as long as your hair is straight. All you need to do is apply gel on a newly shampooed hair, slick it back with comb or you can even give it a side part, then you’re done. The gel will give the style a sleek wet look.

Curled and scrunched
This is a sassy and sexy party style for short hair that is great for providing a naturally wavy or short straight hair some spice for the party, and very easy to style at that. Simply apply texture paste or mouse to damp hair then scrunch the hair at the back to give it a messy look.

With a curling iron give the hair in front and the sides some curls that go in all directions for that sassy and fun vibe. Then wrap the front section of the hair around the curling iron, pull it up to add some height and curl it in the direction of the hairline. When you’re trough part the hair in the middle or side, whichever works best for you, then you’re done! Photos Copyright of PR PHOTOS

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