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Pedicure and manicure at home-427

Manicure and Pedicure at Home

Hello ladies! I’m Swathi and I’ll be describing an effective pedicure and manicure procedures that can be easily performed at home.
All of us desire beautiful hands and feet, well if not beautiful at least clean, and it is in fact essential to take care of the most ‘hardworking’ parts of our body.

Before going to the procedure, I shall go through the basic requirements for both. These are listed as under:
1. Turkey towels: a hand towel or medium sized one is sufficient. This chosen for it’s soft texture and high absorbing characteristics.
2. A medium sized bowl for manicure and a large plastic tub for pedicure.
3. Olive oil/any aroma-therapy essential oils, common salt and a slice of lemon and raw milk (2-3 tablespoons).
4. Hand lotion, foot care cream and anti-fungal cream (for monsoons)
5. Tools: manicure and pedicure tools are more or less the same, except for the nail clippers ( it is bigger in size for pedicure ).
home manicure pedicure

The commonly used tools are-
• Cuticle cutter- (as shown in the 1st pic in the grid) Used for cutting overgrown cuticle layer at the base of the nails. Now the cutting edge of the tool in 4th pic can also be used to remove cuticle.
• Nail clippers- (2nd pic of the grid) in mainly two sizes , one for the finger nails the other for the toe nails.
• Plucker/Tweezer- (3rd pic of the grid) it’s optional and basically used to pluck out little hair on the hand. This can be avoided by either shaving or waxing.
• I really don’t know what the tool in 6th pic is called as but it’s used to remove the excess skin around the corners of the nails to smoothen the skin. It has a ‘V’ shaped structure (shown in 5th pic), though it looks scary, it doesn’t hurt a bit when the skin is properly soaked.
• The tool in pic 7 can be called an Orange Stick used to remove debris from under the nails or gently scrape the cuticle layer off from the nail.
• Filer- (8th pic) it comes in different sizes and made up of various materials. They say a glass filer is the best as it is gentle and does the work. Used to shape the nails. It is coupled with a nail buffer to give extra shine.
• Lastly a Pumice stone to remove dead cells from the feet. A soft bristle brush may also be used along with it.

6. Liquid soap- my personal preference is baby shampoo.
7. Nail polish remover, nail paints and cotton balls or q-tips.


• Foremost remove old nail polish using the nail polish remover.
• Make sure your hands/feet are not too dry, if they are then moisturize them using a good lotion or oil or cream.
• Then apply raw milk over your hands/feet and add drops of lemon juice over them. This removes the tanning and any discolorations. Keep till the pack gets dry. Later dab it clean.
• After few minutes prepare your hand/foot bath by pouring warm water into a bowl/tub. Add a pinch of salt and little bit of liquid soap and few drops of any essential oils (optional).
• Soak your hands/feet for 10-15 minutes.
• Remove one of your hands/feet first and then clip the nails (clipping is easier this way) then file them neatly. Using the tool in 6th pic, remove the excess skin around the corners by gently gliding the tool over the area. Make sure you remove the debris from under the nail.
• Rub some olive oil or cuticle remover over your nails and message gently for a minute.
• Use the orange stick next and push back the cuticle layer. If it sticks out then carefully nip it with a cuticle cutter.
• Using the pumice stone scrub the dry cells off from the sole of the foot especially the heels.
• Wash off the any greasiness and pat dry using a towel.
• Repeat the process for the other hand/foot.

Once hands/feet are dry, message some lotion or cream. Remove excess moisture from the surface of the nail using a q-tip. Apply the base coat, one or more coats of your nail paint and finally a top coat. Allow to dry.



One should never forget to moisturize their feet especially in winters. If suffering from cracks use a medicated cream and get regular pedicures.
During monsoons, take extra care of your feet by applying anti-fungal cream on the nails and between the toes to avoid any risk of infection. On sunny days make your feet happy by dabbing some sunscreen on them too.

Hope this article was beneficial :)

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