Perms for short hair


Long vertical sections of your hair into a twist pattern is produced by coiling spiral perms, such as conventional perm rod from bottom to top degildir.Sac tightly wrapped around the barrel. Depending on the length of your hair a conventional flexible plastic rod or rods of various lengths can use a plastic.
If you have time in the bars tightly wound, apply the solution evenly perm allowed to start the magic began gerekir.Sureci after you’ve had a couple of bouts of rinsing, you will receive a series of beautiful curls.
Body curls and waves for one reason or another, but they are always coming in and out the last ten years, the style is style. What a person can resist a spiral perm and acting? If you’re tired of the lifeless curls or just want something a little low-maintenance, then you should consider getting the spiral perm.

Spiral Perm Hair 2013
Spiral Perm Hair 2013
Spiral Perm Hair 2013

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