Pin up hairstyles long hair


If you want to swear such a flirty hairstyle that looks sexy as well then you must wear one of the pin up hairstyles for long hair.  Pin up hairstyles were popular in 1940s but these hairstyles are back in fashion. You can use curling iron and other products tio get the perfect looks of 1940s.

pin up hairstyles for long hair
hairstyles pin up for long hair

How to get the look?

Step 1: Preparing for the hairstyle
De-tangle your hair and make three sections on front and sides. If you have thin hair you can apply curl enhancing product for additional texture. Mousse can also be applied to add texture and volume.

Step 2: Curling the front section
Start working with the front section and brush it. Take a curling iron and wrap the section on it. Release the hair after 10-15 seconds. You can repeat the step for same section until you don’t get desired volume.

Step 3: Roll and secure the curl
Now you need to roll the curl with your fingers. Secure the curl with bobby pins. You might need extra bobby pins if you have thin hair.

Step 4: Curl all sections
Repeat step 2 and 3 for remaining sections of hair.

Step 5: Add flower
You can add ribbon, flower or other accessories to cover the bobby pins. These accessories will also enhance the pin up hairstyles for long hair

Pin up hairstyle for formal events
There are many pin up hairstyles for formal events. These hairstyles can be worn at weddings, dinners and dates. These hairstyles need plenty of time for styling. The basic principle of curls in used for these hairstyles.

Steps to get the look

Step 1: Wash and dry hair
Begin with washing your hair with shampoo and dry them naturally. Pin up hairstyle can be made best with dry hair.


Step 2: Make sections
Divide the hair into sections and start pinning up the hair.

Step 3: Curl the hair
Take a curling iron with large barrel and start curling the sections. You must start at the neckline and wrap the section over eth curling iron. Take the section out after a few seconds. Repeat the process for all sections. Don’t curl the hair at the crown.

Step 4: Section the crown hair
Make three sections of hair at the crown. All the sections must be pinned with hair clips. Tease or back comb the hair by lifting them up.

Step 5: Apply hair spray
Apply hairspray to teased hair section. Make the outer layers smooth with the help of a comb. Press the hair and push then toward the forehead to raise them up. Secure the hair with bobby pins.

Step 6: Twist the hair
Twist the hair in circles and pin them. Apply hairspray and you are done with the hairstyle.

pin up hair styles for long hair
hair styles pin up for long hair

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