Pink and white nails


Amidst all of the different choices for false nails that are out there, you have probably heard about the “pink and white nail”. Pink and white nails are more commonly referred to as “French tips”, the most classic false nail of them all! The pink and white nails are created by either adding or sculpting a plastic tip to one’s natural nail and then coating both the natural nail and the tip in acrylic powder or gel to give it a more natural appearance and to keep it strong.

You can actually obtain the “pink and white nails” though a number of different ways. One of the best ways to do it is to have a full pink and white nails set done. You can either buy your own at a beauty store, or you can have them applied to your fingers by a professional. The nail technician, if doing it in a salon, will give you the option of having either a white tip, or a clear tip added on to give you that extra “length”.

TIP: White plastic tips are definitely the most popular choice, as a clear tip will need a white powder or a polish perfectly sculpted overtop.

You also then have the choice of acrylic or gel pink and white nails. Acrylics are applied by having a pink or clear acrylic powder (also known as the polymer) set on top of the nail with the liquid monomer added. This “resin” is then spread out evenly overtop the surface of both the nail and the nail tip, which then hardens to be a clear finish. The acrylic both strengthens and increases the durability of both your natural nail and the pink and white nail tips themselves.

Gel nails in this situation are typically used so that your pink and white nails have a more “natural” appearance. Though gel is not as strong as acrylic, it is still quite durable and the gel itself is usually accompanied by a UV gel that will help protect your nails from yellowing (an often side effect from the sun).

Now it’s time to talk about “fills”. Fills are a necessary way of life for anyone with fake or artificial nails, unless you are having your nails removed every time. Though when you need a fill depends greatly on when your nails grow in and how quickly they grow, fills are generally needed for pink and white nails every 2 weeks. When you have a fill done, the acrylic powder is brushed directly onto the area of the new nail growth, which in turn “fills” that space between the nail bed and the acrylic nail. This will give you a smoothed, polished appearance.

Another thing to consider with pink and white nails, as there is a white tip, is that the tip will need to be “back filled” so that the white part of the nail tip does not look odd and misplaced as your nails grow. The fills may take a bit of time to have done every two weeks, but they are considerably less in cost than having the first full set of pink and white nails applied to your fingers.

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