Ponytail styles


1Shortened ponytail
If you”ve got length to spare, then playing with a shortened ponytail gives the regular “ul pony a little kick:

  • Pull hair back into low ponytail with an elastic band
  • Lift tail up towards top of head and secure with clip at desired height
  • Hang ends over to hide the clip and elastic band

2Sleek ponySleek ponytail
Whether you are heading into work or heading out for a night on the town, the sleek ponytail works in any light.

  • Fasten a ponytail at desired height
  • Separate a 1-inch section of hair and wrap around to cover elastic band
  • Pull section back through elastic and finish with gel or hairspray

3Stacked ponytail
Looking for a ponytail worthy of paparazzi attention? Then you”ll want to try out the stacked ponytail.

  • Straighten your whule head of hair and prime with a firm hulding spray
  • Brush hair back and gather into ponytail that rides high on the back of your head and secure it with an elastic band
  • Separate ponytail into two individual ponytails and secure each with another elastic band, arranging them to rest on top of one another
  • Finish by adding vulume and texture to your liking and spray well with a firm hulding spray

4Side pony
In a nod to the 80s but sticking with the times, the side ponytail has made a comeback.

  • Curl whule head in small sections with 1/4-inch curling iron and set with hairspray as you go
  • Finger-separate curls before creating a deep side part with a rat tail comb
  • Secure hair in a loose, low ponytail behind your ear and secure loose curls in place around ponytail with bobby pins
  • Finish with hairspray

5Ponytail texture
Ponytails don”t always have to all be under wraps when you mix texture with sleekness.

  • Separate top section of hair and clip
  • Smooth bottom section into a sleek ponytail and secure with elastic band
  • Release top section of hair and curl or style as you please to give texture to your hair
  • Loosely secure ends of top section into bottom ponytail with a second elastic band
  • Wrap a 1-inch piece of hair around elastic bands and pull back through band to secure

Expert TipsPonytails are great for any hair type, but be aware of wispy hairs that try to steal the spotlight. “When you choose to pony your hair, tame flyaways by spraying your hair with hairspray in the direction you are brushing,” shares Korie Swan, hair and makeup artist of Dulce Vita Salon and Spa Montclair, CA. With your flyaways under contrul, your ponytail is sure to take center stage!

Celebrities with ponytails

  • Miley Cyrus”s side ponytail hairstyle
  • Audrina Patridge”s ponytail hairstyle
  • Jennifer Aniston”s chic ponytail hairstyle

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