Popular nail polish colors


Just in case your wondering why you need to keep up to date with the current nail polish trends then site back and imagine you are sipping coffee with a friend at a cafe.

You notice a pretty girl walk up to the counter wearing a classy Chanel white blouse and grey skirt. She’s carrying a trendy red Louis Vuitton bag and adorned in Swarovski jewellery.

Then you notice the red Monolo Blahnik heels she has on her feet, but, ewwww, what’s that, such tacky ill shaped toe nails with no paint on them. Oh, but that ring she’s wearing, such an elegant ring, oh no no no, such an elegant ring with such unkempt finger nails.

Now you do not want to this girl at the counter, adorned in the best of clothes and accessories, with nails that are outdated. You don’t want girls to remark, “I would have taken great care of my nails if I had the clothes she did.” To avoid such awkward situations, we bring to you the top nail art, nail polish and nail paint designs to keep you stylish all throughout 2013.

Let us make this very clear, these nail polish trends are not only for those of you with designer labels on your clothes and accessories, but also for those who love to keep their nails trendy no matter what they wear.

So read ahead and be inspired to get those nails done, as we present to you the top 5 trendiest styles for nail art, nail paint and nail polish.

1. Summery Nail Art 2013

When nature comes alive in the sunny months of summer and spring, bring your nails to life too with perky, vibrant and trendy nature themed nail art. You can have the sun on your finger nails, the clouds in the sky, flowers in bloom, bright green leaves and colorful butterflies. Grace your nails with nature with these nature themed nail art styles for 2013.

2. Sparkling Nail Art


We bring to you this sparkling nail polish trends straight from the spring 2013 New York Fashion Week show by Joy Cioci. Bring the stars to your fingers with this sparkling and shiny nail polish trend for 2013. Be sure to choose sparkling colors like red, gold and silver. Your nails will seem like they too are wearing some fabulous jewellery on them with this nail art trend for 2013.


 3. Tribal Designs

We’ve seen tribal prints on clothes, we’ve seen tribal styles reflecting in our jewellery and now we can have them on our nails. Tribal nail art and nail polish designs consist of vivid and bright colors. They are based on geometric elements like circles, lines and triangles. The best part about tribal nail art and polish designs is that you can combine all the above elements to form your own pattern, but there is no denying that these combinations of patterns and colors make it a tough job to create them.

  4. Vivid Colors

If your beauty kit is filled with traditional nail polish colors like red, pink, brown, peach and white, it’s time you make room for some new pretty, bright and vivid, never tried before colors. Unusual colored nail polishes came to the runway in 2012 and this vivid color trend will continue in 2013 as well. So if intricate nail art doesn’t suit your tastes, these vivid colors will keep you in style.

 5. Metallic Nail Paint

If you want to complete a bad girl look with a leather jacket, leather pants and metallic boots, get some metallic nail paint for your finger and toe nails. Metallic nail paints, a favorite on the runways, are very much in vogue for 2013.

Loved these trends, didn’t you?

Well you don’t really need to wait for 2013 to get try these nail art trends; you can try these on right away and get started early.

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