Pretty nail design


Layout of the nails can become a trademark for the individuality of each woman. Sometimes experienced professionals create masterpieces on their customers’ nails.

The design of nails is entertaining and interesting endeavor and you can try to decorate your nails yourself. First of all, it is necessary to get  tools and materials that can help you design.

– Colored polish will be used as the basis for the creation of an original design, so you can create your own arsenal of several colors of the main ranges. When buying polish you should pay attention to its consistency and smell. You better not purchase a thick and sharp smelling polish. It is important to look at the expiry date.

– There are special paints released for professional artists in order to perform various techniques. Beginners in nail design can buy small sample bottles. This little trick allows you to experiment and also saves you money.

– Beginner designer should obtain several small brushes. Flat brush will be needed to place the base of the nail. It is best to choose brushes slightly narrower than nails – this is the perfect choice.

You also need a set with brushes of different thicknesses to help you draw different ornaments and apply fine lines.
– It is not possible to design nails without fixings, they fix drawings and ornamentation of the nails, extend the period of staying in the original design. You can go for fixings which are created just for the nail design, or you can use simple transparent fixings.

– Piercing is considered one of the most popular options for nail design.It is necessary to buy a needle  and various decorations and pendants.

– All sorts of ready templates and pictures are very comfortable.

– Collection of various decorative elements is irreplaceable when it comes to the establishment of desings for evening occasions. You can add crystals, sequins, beads, foil, small feathers, colorful threads and laces.


– You need glue for fixing different elements.

One of the simplest options – just decorate the edges of your nails with a colored glow. Although it is easy to do, such nails look bright and spectacular.

The classic French manicure can provide an endless source of inspiration.

For example, you can change the traditional colors and make it more vivid and intense. The usual white line at the end of the nail can complement the decorative elements.

Floral patterns are applied to the nail with the tiniest brushes,you can sometimes use needles and tweezers. Painting is quite difficult and requires patience and talent.

If you are not confident in your artistic abilities you can always use templates and applications, they are easily and quickly applied. Templates are also a good option in cases when you need a spectacular manicure, but don’t have much time to do your nails.
Abstract nail ornaments can be decorated with pollen, it is a favorite option for designers at home. Colored grit is removed from the bottle using a fine needle and applied to the nails, and after that you fix it with a transparent retainer.

It is believed that virtually every subject can be attached to the nails, as long as its size is not larger than the nail. For formal events you can use your fantasy and attach decorative items to your nails with glue.For example – crystals, beads and foil.

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