Rihanna s hairstyles

Rihanna Short Hairstyles 2013

One of the unforgettable hairstyles of Rihanna is her super-short pixie crop. In one show, she appeared with such hairstyle. When she appeared with such hairstyle, the reporters didn’t almost recognize her. That was surprising as she never appeared with such hairstyle. She completed her appearance with sweet glossy pink lip color. She really looked charming. Soon, her hairstyle became some kind of style which many stars did to their hair. It is a really amazing hairstyle. Even for common people, just like you, can appear beautiful just like Rihanna. If you have the same face line like Rihanna, don’t be afraid of appearing different from your friends. You can cut your hair short and then use necessary simple make up. You can be like Rihanna.

Be Confident!

Rihanna Hairstyle 2013

You can copycat Rihanna’s hairstyles 2013 and appear different in parties you are invited. You can choose a simple but elegant dress in any color, and have your hair cut short just like Rihanna. Do not use heavy make up as it will make you look wear. Instead, choose simple make up such as glossy pink lip color to highlight your hair just like Rihanna did. You will appear different, and you will be attracted many people’s attention in the party.

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