Rock-top nail lacquer

I have to be honest, until I was given a couple of bits of Kiko make up at Christmas I had never actually heard of this Italian brand. But having checked out their website they seem to offer absolutely loads of cosmetics including make up, skin care products and even things like tweezers and make up brushes all for incredibly reasonable prices.

As part of my Christmas stash I received 2 nail polishes and an eye shadow palette, but up until now I had yet to try either of the nail polishes. As some of my regular readers will now I’m somewhat of a newbie in the world of nail art, so the gift of Kiko’s Rock-top nail lacquer is perfect for me as it’s a crackle nail polish. This means it’s somewhere in the middle of creating something myself and having a product that does all the hard work for you.

Firstly I applied OPI Start to Finish as my base coat, before using one fairly thick coat of Boots 17 Fast Finish varnish in True Blue. After this initial coat had dried, I then applied one coat of Kiko Rock-top nail lacquer in number 8 (I think that’s what number it is, I can’t find any other indication of the name or number of this varnish!), again I applied this fairly thickly and I also tried to do it pretty quickly as the effect of the ‘crackle’ happens almost instantly. Once left to dry I then applied a top coat of OPI Rapid Dry to reduce the possibility of any chipping.Before I applied this product I did watch a couple of videos on YouTube as I wasn’t 100% sure what I was doing with it and there is very little information on the bottle itself. I also noticed in most YouTube tutorials or Google image searches that most people used a lighter base coat, which slightly worried me as I wasn’t at home and had already selected a dark blue colour as my base, however I think that as long as the base coat and Rock-top colour work together you will still get a nice effect.

On the whole I think this is a very good product as it dries quickly and the final effect was really nice with minimal effort on my part! The brush was very thin but the consistency of the lacquer was thick enough that you could take the brush straight out of the bottle and apply the Rock-top in one coat, although it did put me off a little how quickly it started to react because having to apply two or three strokes to cover one nail I was worried applying multiple layers would compromise the final effect, but thankfully it didn’t. The one thing I would point out is that the final colour on my nails is not as bright as the colour looks in the bottle, although this could be because I used a darker base colour, so I would just be aware of that when choosing your base. Having looked at their website, there is only one colour currently available to buy here, which is likely to be because they have a sale on which means that there is a 79% discount on the product making it just ?1! Definitely a bargain worth trying in my opinion, especially in the run up to the summer as I think the bright orange colour will look really great when used with a gold or silver base.

So all in all I was really pleased with the final effect of this crackle nail varnish, and have so far had some great comments from friends asking how I did it so for me that’s the ultimate seal of approval!

Have you used any other crackle nail polishes, what did you think? Are you a fan?

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