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There is a common misconception that short hairstyles are difficult to pull off if you have a round face shape. Many people think that short hairstyles cannot elongate the face as much as medium and long hairstyles, but this is only true if you don”t know which ones you should choose.

Round faces are easy to recognize due to the fact that the
length of the face is similar to its width. The jawline and the
cheeks are full, the chin is usually small and the hairline is most
likely round as well. Famous examples of celebrities that have a
round face shape include Mandy Moore, Drew Barrymore, Kate Winslet,
Kelly Osbourne or Christina Ricci. The goal when choosing any type
of hairstyle for this face shape is to choose one that adds length
to the face and doesn”t mimic the face shape.

Generally hair styles that add height at the top of the head are
considered appropriate for this face shape. On the other hand,
styles that add width to the face are the ones that you should
avoid at all costs. Heavy, straight bangs should be avoided as well
due to the fact that they make the face look even smaller. Side
swept bangs are generally more suitable for this face

Kelly Osbourne/Getty
ImagesChristina Ricci/Getty

As far as short hairstyles are concerned
you should try to find styles that end above the chin length.
While short hairstyles are tempting because they can be low
maintenance and fairly easy to style if you have the right tools at
hand, if you have a round face shape, you should avoid very short
hair styles that will make the face even more round.

Curly hairstyles can add even more roundness to the face if not
chosen correctly. Ringlets should be avoided as they add too much
width. Loose curls on the other hand are a much better alternative.
Waves are universally flattering for round faces and can be worn
with complete confidence.
When attempting to create any curly hairstyle it”s important to
first learn to control the problem of hair frizz. Using
professional anti frizz products is one of the first steps we
should take to ensure success.

Short layered haircuts are definitely suitable for this type of
face shape, emphasizing the best features as well as being very
versatile. Soft layers and choppy layers or even short shags that
add height at the top of the head can be chosen depending on the
structure of the face.

If you have a problem with a double chin for example, hairstyles
that add volume at the top of the head will most likely manage to
draw attention from the chin and will minimize it by balancing your

hairstyles are another excellent choice for those who have a
round face shape because they help create length, not to mention
the fact that bob hairstyles seem to be constantly reinvented being
one the hottest trends of the last years.
The choices you make when it comes to a bob hairstyles are entirely
up to you, however, it is recommended to add texture for better
results. Wispy ends tend to be more flattering than one length
ends. Texture will make your face slimmer and narrower and will
bring out your best facial features.


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