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Are you a woman who likes short hair styles? Do you already have a choice of short hair styles for 2013? Is short hair styles that you choose is suitable for your face shape? In this paper we have some pictures of women with short hair styles. They have a variety of face shapes, so they are also short hairstyle varies. We hope these images short hair styles can inspire you. Hope you can choose the short hairstyle that suits your face shape. Below we will show some pictures. Please enjoy and hopefully useful to choose your 2013 short hair styles.

Pictures of short hair styles for many face shapes

Ginnifer Goodwin - Short Hair Styles 2013 - round face shape

You who have a round face is actually the one that best matches with the short hair styles, because the hair in a bob it will actually be getting a round face shape. The key here is to give volume and height at the top of the hair as did Ginnifer Goodwin. Another trick for those of you who want a round face and short hair styles is making short bangs layer. Avoid side bangs that are too long because it will look too much in your face.

Katie Holmes - Short Hair Styles 2013 - Square Face Shape

Short hair styles is the right choice for owners of a square face to accentuate the beauty of the jaw bone without making the face look wider. The trick, make sure your short hair is air-layer and topped with volume. Even those of you who have a square face and chubby cheeks can look beautiful with short hair. Noteworthy is do not let your hair at the same length as the side of the jaw, as this will make the face look wider. Cut with a long upper jaw.

Carey Mulligan - Short Hair Style - Heart Face Shape

If your wide forehead but a narrow jaw and chin like Carey Mulligan, short hair styles are right for you is a thin trimmed edges. Let your hair volume only at the back and top of the head, and not on the side of the head, so that the face looks more proportional.

Ashlee Simpson - Short Hair Styles 2013 - Oval Face Shape

Oval face actually fits with a short hair styles. If you are brave enough, pixie short hair style very short (with bangs are too short). That might have to be considered for the owner of an oval face is if their faces tend to be long. When this kind of face you, so avoid short hair styles parted in the middle because it will make the face look longer. Hemisphere side will be more proportional.


I think it is all information that I can share about short hair styles 2013. I hope this Information about short hair styles trends in 2013 is useful for you. Thank you for visit Fashion Beauty Trends. For more images and information please visit the following link in bellow.

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